Hey my loves!! It's been sometime since I've written or anyone else for that matter. Anyway I thought I'd share with y'all a soon-to-be successful director of Kuro Shinobi. This great guy is no other than Lee Williams, and he is a very cool and interesting guy to get to know. I've really learned a lot about and from him over the course of a few months.

Hey what's been going on? Well I see that all has been well, but me and the other author's pretty much slacked off for a bit to long and we're really sorry about that. It's been a long few month's. I did tell y'all that I run another blog by myself and I'm in school. I's pretty hectic so we all got too busy to post for you guy's. I'm hoping to get everyone, myself included back on track really soon.

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Well folks I wanted to review this anime awhile back but I had some other things to do. Now that I have some free time here is my review of Angel Beats. An anime that was created by Seiji Kishi, this anime has gory, funny, and touching moments all wrapped in 13 episodes. Will they make a second season? I have a feeling that is a big no. For one the 1st season came on television in 2010. I doubt they will make a Season 2 4 years later.

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Hey fellow nerds and geeks alike!! Well I've been gone for sometime now but I see my brother has been keeping everything going!! I really thank all of ya'll for staying and continuing showing so much support to this blog. Keep coming by and please invite others to join us and read on here.

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Okay... Second Review... Alright.... VANDREAD!

"Set in a universe where humans have colonized the galaxy, and in one star system, men and women are completely segregated (on completely different planets: Mejere by the women, Taraak by the men) causing the gender war to be more than just a metaphor.
Male protagonist Hibiki Tokai, a third-class laborer, takes up a bet to steal a high-tech humanoid robot, known as a Vanguard, from a male attack force battleship about to fight the "evil females." Still on board when the battleship takes off, Hibiki is caught in a battle with female pirates that causes all of the ship's crew to evacuate, except for Hibiki, Duelo McFile, and Bart Garsus. Stuck on board and held as prisoners by female pirates, things seem to have hit an all-time low for Hibiki until the retreating males retaliate by firing torpedoes at the ship to prevent it from falling into women's hands. The Paksis Pragma, the mysterious, living core of the battleship, eradicates the missile, forming a wormhole that sends the pirates and warship to a distant part of the galaxy, fusing the battleship with the female pirates' vessel. The fusion results in a quirky ship with very smooth lines, a host of technical problems, and various hidden capabilities that become apparent later on. The Vanguard Hibiki attempted to steal has also been altered along with three of the women's fighters, known as Dreads, allowing the separate ships to combine. The fusion of Hibiki's mecha with one of the fighters is called a Vandread, the eponymous mecha." - Source, Wikipedia

Okay... My first anime review.... Code Geass!!!! LOOOOVED IT! And that's my first review. K.Thanks.Bye. wait...More? Okay....

"Lelouch Lamperouge is an exiled Britannian prince who was sent as a bargaining tool to Japan, along with his sister Nunnally Lamperouge, by his father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia, after his mother, Marianne vi Britannia, was killed. When Marianne was murdered, Nunnally was set up as a false witness. Because of this, her sight and her ability to walk were taken from her. This makes it difficult for Lelouch because he must take care of her while on the run in Japan during the war. After the war in the ruins of a Japanese city he then vows to his Japanese friend Suzaku Kururugi that he will one day obliterate Britannia. Seven years later, Lelouch gets caught up in a terrorist attack and finds a girl called C.C. (C2), who saves Lelouch's life from the Britannian Royal Guard, by making a contract with him that grants Lelouch a power known as Geass (ギアス giasu?). This power also known as the Power of the King (王の力 Ō no Chikara?), allows him to command anyone to do whatever he wants, whether bending their will to live, fight, or die on his behalf – though only once, with direct eye contact. Lelouch decides to put his Geass to use and find the person who killed his mother, destroy the Britannian Empire, and to create a better world where his younger sister, Nunnally, can live happily. In the process, Lelouch becomes the leader of the resistance movement known as The Black Knights under his alter ego Zero, as he gains popularity and support among the Japanese on his way towards rebellion." - Source, Wikipedia

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Hey lovely folks it's been some time now, and I only found one person that was wanting to be a diligent author to this blog. So if you are interested please contact me in the comments below or by my email address. I think my old authors had been to busy with other stuff so that's why I'm looking for other people who have enough time to actually try to post on the blog.

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Well it seems I've been gone far to long and I'm back! Didn't mean to stay away that long but things got hectic and my authors just didn't really help as much as I hoped. That's why I'm now looking for some new writers and bloggers or those that enjoy the thought of blogging.So anyone that is or might be a bit interested in joining me, please let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

Here's another post from the famous Kudo-kun!! Enjoy guys!

Okay... Long distance... Relationships..... In my opinion are both good and bad. I love and hate them, as it is the single greatest test of love, and a real eye opener for those looking for it. Being in one requires that you be serious, faithful, and very, very PATIENT. It weeds out the punks from the powerful and can make the most beautiful relationships to list just one of the things it can do. It's not for everyone, and is not to be taken lightly, lest you are ready risk being broken.

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Hey guys this is and will be my first time doing an anime review, so I'd really like feedback that will be some advice on how I can improve, soooo here it goes. Wish me luck...

Alright this anime has a number of 13 videos in all. First things first... I love this anime! This has a lot of mystery behind the girl and her life. It wasn't until a few episodes into the show that you find out what her true feelings were. She would always hurt others around her before they could do anything to her emotions. I thought it was a clever strategy as she has always been the outcast and was always talked about among her peers.

I thought all in all the story line was well put together, the stories weren't too wishy washy or lovey-dovey until the very end. But I'll get to that. I really enjoyed the back story of both the main characters as you can see there. Names: Ririchiyo Shirakiin and Sōshi Miketsukami. Each of the residents are humans with demon ancestors. So the place each of them live is in a Maison type apartment, with their assigned Secret Service bodyguards. 


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  Truth Tuesdays: The Truth about "Haters"

  Hi, readers! It's De' Laydee Divine, coming at you with yet another dose of Truth Tuesdays. Anything and everything is discussed in this series, and nothing is off-limits. Now, be forewarned: my purpose for writing is not to sugarcoat anything, but to deliver the truth as it is. Your jimmies may be rustled by some of my future topics (hell, maybe even tonight's topic), but that's okay. The truth is the truth- and often, it's a hard pill to swallow. Don’t like the truth? It’s cool. I’ve got some lumber, a hammer, and nails for you, so you can build a bridge and get over it. ~_^

Did you guys miss me? Tell the truth- it is Truth Tuesday, after all. (~_^) (*giggles*) I know I missed you guys terribly, but the hiatus was necessary. Nevertheless, I'm back- in full effect- and ready to hit you guys with some truth tonight. The picture above should let you guys know EXACTLY how deep I'm ready to go into this. I've got my claws out and ready...

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Picture by fflightningxiii on deviantart
Hey guys today has been long and well I received a bit of criticism on my personal blog. *Sad face* But it was my best friend I guess she wanted to tell me that I need to make it a bit more exciting lol. I'm just posting because I enjoy doing it. Both my personal and this blog are a part of me that I can't live without now. So if I do get called out about something that might be boring to one person and I get over 1,000 views on that same post... well who's really to say it's boring at all?

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Ha sorry I've been so busy, Well once my airhead friend hurry up and accept the author invite I sent him we will finally have the ball running. I'm sorry again guys this is my fault. I will take responsibility for the lack of activity here. So I'll now *gets on knees and bows* ごめんなさい みな!!

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Looks like Delaydee didn't make the Truth Tuesday post like I'd hope.... Oh well I hope you all had a great day yesterday and today will be twice as better. I don't really have much on my mind today but I will say that today is my birthday!! Yayyyyy!! I'm another year older how about that right? Finally got a job trying to stay up in my work with school and I turned 23 today! I fell quite nice to be honest. Just wish things would go as plan once in a while...

Deviant Artist: LunaInverseElric

I guess this is another pretty short post for today, I was sure that she would at least tried.. Anyway I'm here now, all that needs to be done is to get the rest of the admins on board and on schedule the sooner they do that the faster we can think of a theme for April's challenge.. I can't wait! I'm doing it on my other blog as well, I just have to replace the other link I think the last template I had was glitching it so the image wouldn't show. Had me a bit frustrated too.

Well I have to go folks enjoy the rest of your day and again I'm soooo sorry.. Maybe next time okay :) I'll make sure to remind her, so this won't happen again. Thanks for being here with us guys. Stay cool and watch some anime. Have a great great day today!!

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Hey everybody I hope you are having a great day so far today! Mine is alright I guess, I just need to find the right template for my personal blog... The one I have now is okay, but it's not touching me like I want it too... Teehee that sounded dirty >.< Anyway today was a happy one I got accepted for somethings and I'm really glad about it. My authors will be writing in the blog soon :D Now that makes my heart SOAR!! Yes everyone you will soon be meeting those mysterious people that I added. I had to let the other one go... she just had her baby and you know how they get lol. I'm so happy for her though. Doing so well for herself  *dreamy eyes* Anywho, I didn't really know what to write about but I do have a question.

Does anyone, anyone at all know how to make blog posts that have one label that is the same appear on one page without all the coding and stuff? I've been trying and I just let it go because I'm not about to mess up this new and pretty awesome template here. So if there are any computer nerds and wise beyond all measure out there that can help a sister out? This has seriously been erking (getting) my last nerve. It is very frustrating when you can't understand all the codes and stuff. I specialize in anime and baking, so be smart when asking me to fix something, I'll end up making it worst lol. So please, Please can someone help me, I have no idea what I'm doing... well was doing.

I'm about to be off for a while but leave helpful comments please and I'll come back to read them and thank you later. It will be late before I return so don't be too angry if I don't reply right away. School work can get like that sometimes, it's even worst in college lol. I'm so glad I take classes online. Keeps the distractions to a minimum... kind of ;) I'll see y'all later all right!! Have a great Monday!!

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Well I've watched a lot of anime over the years and for now I had to slow down... as in to never really watch them anymore now because of the hotspot we own... That darn thing cost to damn much >_<. Forgive my French but the truth is welcome!I try to stay off the internet as much as possible it's sooo not working!! But I'm trying. The one anime that I'm missing the most at the very moment isn't Naruto Shippuden, but the newest anime that came out name Kill La Kill. Don't get me wrong I really do miss Naruto, but Kill La Kill is one epic anime out right now. I've gotten to maybe the 12 episode before I moved, and now just like life the show must go on! So now they are at episode 20, and I will not look for spoilers of any kind. There's a lot of people in a group I'm in on Facebook, that will let you know when a spoiler is coming (And I thank you *teary eyes*), than... you have the other inconsiderate jerks who tell it all and I end up having to scroll past it really fast as to not catch what was there. So far it's worked... Let's hope I can keep it up.

Credit-Owner/ I don't own this picture
Yep I said at any age.... Well no one should be younger than being in high school if you catch one of your adolescent son watching hentai... (Anime porn...) Yes they make that lol. Have I've seen any? Out of curiosity yes. Will I watch again? *shakes head hard enough to make herself dizzy* NOPE!! Never to much of.... just way to much is all I'll say. Okay back to the subject at hand. Anime:

Definition in online dictionary- noun; Japanese movie and television animation, often having a science fiction theme and sometimes including violent or explicitly sexual material. Origin: Japanese.

So yea Japanese anime, or as some of you die hard smart as*** would like to say "cartoons". In my experience in watching them for so long I don't consider these animations cartoons at all... Why You might ask? Different style, different point of views, and different audience.

Some of you probably read a few blog posts about this phenomenon by other bloggers, or an article that is floating around on the web. Well I don't really care what they have to say because this is my blog and I want to shine my own light on a few things. One crazy question though... Why does when black people are known to posses a trait such as this that it is automatically called a mutation or a disease?

Why is it hard for most scientists to grasp the fact that African Americans were the first humans on Earth and that still today can hold up to that thought? I just thought that this post was pretty interesting and the pictures quite amazing. I don't have any evidence or whatever but I do have my own opinion as do all of you guys.

Hey guys LadyBug has returned. I got word block while doing my work for my job. But this blog post might be short... Never know. Anyway I hope everyone's Monday was a lovely one mine was okay so far, can't complain I'm alive and well. I can't wait to get paid soon though, I've been without funds for long enough. It's time I get it and save it for a rainy day. Or if I see some really nice heels.... Teehee, today has been a pretty long one for me. I need to learn to go to bed and fall asleep.

I was going to say I can't believe I stayed up all night but yea, I can. I don't need to though my brain hurts right now so once I finish all of the work for my job a couple days of sleep is a given lol. But I do want to share something with you all. And I know this video I'm going to post is probably old but than there might be a few that never seen this video before.


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Teehee I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Has she told the others?" And to answer that question... No I haven't and I'm not, well not yet anyway. This challenge will get them to actually post something for once!! I put them on to help me not do all the work on my own... This will teach them that LadyBug means BUSINESS!! No worries this will be fun, and maybe they'll finally get use to the idea of putting in some work!

So yea I signed us up for a A to Z challenge as you can see on the right, you can click on the button/badge but... I think I'll lose you. Anyway if you are bloggers and you want more readers, traffic, and comments (Like me) than get in on this. I was searching for something to be able to get my admins to do something and entertain the audience a bit more, and I found this page, A to Z challenge. I think the concept is awesome and I was looking for something new to do for all of y'all.

A moment with Kunrin

I remember the first time I saw a boy’s pants sagging… I tapped him on the shoulder and said “Your draws are showing” with a giggle as I walked on to the corner store with some of my friends. Little did I know that I would soon be bombarded not only with the unwanted peeks of the tops of guys’ boxers, but it would soon degenerate to seeing the entire paid-covered asses of guys everywhere with no end in sight. I’ve had the conversation so many times over the years… Sometimes with young women equally disgusted with a trend that should have long passed… sometimes with young men who couldn’t quite understand why their fellow men hadn’t grown out of it as they had. It wasn’t until I discussed it with my mother that I finally had a different perspective. Camouflage. The answer that I had long awaited. Self defense. These are phrases my mother used to explain why, although equally tired of seeing it, she couldn’t claim any level of outrage, or suggest any kind of bad parenting. 

Five Myths About Bisexual Women

 Hello internet! This is KadanzaD your friendly neighborhood bisexual, and I'm here today to debunk the top five myths about bisexual women. I usually get one of three reactions when people find out I'm bi: "So?", "Eww", and "Hawwwt". That is mostly due to the crazy ideas people have about bisexual women. Since coming out, there are some awful annoying stereotypes that I repeatedly come across. So much so that I often feel compelled to hurt someone . But let's forget my dire need for anger management for a moment, and I will shed some light on the subject. Like with any stereotype, some of these ideas apply for some bisexual beauties, but aren't true for all. So please keep that in mind as I present to you, in no particular order of importance, five myths about female bisexuals. 

Hey my lovelies LadyBug is here and I wanted you guys to check out the other blog I've made. This is like a blog you can follow with me and my Airman! As you already know I'm not new to the blogging life... I just need a bit more views lol. So come on by, like, comment and tell me what you think. I think you all will enjoy this one as well as the new one. Because I mean, hello!! It will be fun to have a sneak peak in my life right? Teehee, I hope you all will decide to check it out and soon. I think you will like the little bit of content that is already there.

So yea stop by show The Baker and Her Airman some love!! I'm counting on you guys. I hope you all had a great weekend and that today wasn't to much of a drag for you. I'm ready for the weather to finally warm up. This year will be a busy one... I already know it.

Well I think that is all for me on today. Look forward to Truth Tuesday on tomorrow, and have a very wonderful night!! <3 Love you guys!!

Alright as some of you just might know I've made another blog.... *crickets chirps*
Ugh yea I know crazy but I wanted something personal to talk about. And well, this is not exactly a blog I'd want to put my vlogging experiences with my boyfriend on. This was made for you all and with my friends in mind. I wanted to see if with my friends this would work, and so far it has. The other blog I've now got going is The Baker and Her Airman. So yea go check it out if you want to see what it is about... Which to be honest the title basically tells it all. Anyway the blog will feature me and my boyfriend, and hopefully will give you a glimpse of how we handle being apart and all that.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
Today is to show love and be in love, and give love!! So... Get out there and show people you love them! Oh wait... you don't have a lover to be all lovey-dovey with? You want to spend this cold more wrapped in someones arms and enjoy the love you both will share with one another? Yea!? Well guess what... I'm not telling you to not do that but if you "are" single today what is sooo bad about that? Ooh now you want to say, "what do you know you have a man, blah blah blah!! Yea I do, but he isn't with me right now. He is in spirit but he is a good couple of hours in another city celebrating this day without me as well as I'm doing without him. All of you do nothing but cry, and complain.... I do nothing, I can't always do what most women can with their men because they are and will be home. Sometimes I have to worry about where he might get stationed at next and hope and pray that he comes back home to me safely.The great thing about this day and age is that I can still write and all that good stuff to him and he can write back. But I still worry and I can't seem to not worry.

So well I guess I'm thinking of changing my picture... I can't really find much anime like picture for a LadyBug sooo.... I'm thinking of changing it to..... *DRUMROLL*

Levy!!! *Throws confetti* Lol yea I know she's awesome and she's a book worm like. I think she is 17, but I'm 22... The thing that I feel I'm like her is the fact that she's below height average for her age. like me and that she loooooovvvvvvveeeeeeesss books just like me. I was going to choose Wendy but I'm not that young looking in real life. I think that's all I'll talk about with this so let's get to my real point of writing today.

Today's Truth Tuesday is by a very awesome person. He is a cool dude and I hope you guys will enjoy what he brought to the table for today!! Please clap yo hands for my friend Based Yusuke!! *Curtains opens crowd goes wild!!*

Truth Tuesdays: News for ya

It’s seems that Florida is back in the news again with another youth gunned down by a elder. Jordan Davis age 17 was shot and killed by Michael Dunn, age 47 in November 23, 2012. For those who don’t know the story the incident occurred at a Jacksonville, Florida gas station, where Dunn and his fiancée stopped to buy white wine on the way back to their hotel after attending the wedding of Dunn's son. Dunn said the music from a red Dodge Durango parked at the same gas station grew "really loud" after his fiancée went into the store. "My review mirror was shaking, my eardrums were vibrating. It was ridiculously loud," Dunn said. "I said, 'Can you turn that down please?'" he testified. "They turned it off. I said thank you." But Dunn said the young men in the Durango soon began using expletives and then turned the volume back up. "I was in fear for my life, but I wasn't to the point where I was ready to use deadly force. I was just going, 'Oh my God, where is all this hostility coming from?'" Dunn said.

I know my title is a bit contradictory but so what I'm a big ball of contradictions and that's why y'all love me!! Well I had writers block and I was doing a lot of writing for the past few days. I had almost 20 articles the other day, or it might've been more. So you can image my struggle for sleep and a break. On top of that my oh so lovely nephew was looking for every possible way to work on my nerves when I needed peace and quite. I love him though, and I'll have to remember to play with him later

Thanks for over 2000 views guys!! It's an honor!!

We wouldn't have made it this far with out you guys reading everything. I hope we can continue to stir your interest enough to get some comments in the near future! I really mean that lol. So I hope you can celebrate with us on this special day. Can't wait to our page becomes popular and we have a lot more supporters out there. To all the other bloggers that read my blog, I want to thank you as well. Nothing is the same if you don't have help from those that see where you are coming from and what you do. I really love you guys and I hope we will keep up the climb to greater heights!! Let's party like there is no tomorrow though it is, and I still have to much to do... Okay maybe not tomorrow but the weekend? You know do something special for the viewers and the people that liked the page. 

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Good morning my lovelies. So as you can tell today's blog will of course be on twerking and all it's ugly glory. Some of my readers might say twerking is a new art of dancing, might be a way to get you a bit of money in your pocket. Sure that's all one way of looking at it. But tell me this, is it a 9-5 decent job you'd proudly put on a job application? How about this one, can you really get a man instead of falling for the same type of "thugs" you apparently are attracting unintentionally? Come on ladies really? Have a bit more self-respect, class and dignity about yourself!!

Okay I might just be venting and ranting but right now I don't really give two... craps about feelings and and stepping on a few toes. You put yourself out there to give up on your self respect just to be seen! Well take one for the team and try to get up off your lazy asses (because no "real woman" would waste her time on trivial and irreverent crap as this.) and find a J.O.B! If you put your mind to it honey you got it going for you, you just haven't found what it is just yet. All you need to do is find the things you enjoyed doing as a teen and up until now.

 First of all I want to say Happy 19 Birthday Trayvon!! 

Okay okay I know you all are used to me posting at the most once a day, maybe twice if I'm feeling up to it. Well here is that moment. Now I know you all seen the title and you probably already read the article about this fight. There are so many people out there with their own opinion and I am so glad people are voicing their concerns and views, that means people will agree and disagree as well as agree to disagree. Then we have that select few that haven't really... How can I put it nicely... Expanded their mind enough to accept others opinion on the situation that they would rather insult and degrade others for the sheer glory to feel better. Now don't get me wrong, I have my moments but this time me and De'Laydee ran into said person.

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Here's another Truth Tuesday moment though a little late... I know we'll do better with this guys lol :)
Get ready to enjoy another entry of Truth Tuesay!!

Truth Tuesdays: The Truth About Financial Responsibility

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Well I found a little something that I wanted to share with all of you before the night got away from me. There's this little "Man Rule" thing going around Facebook, I'm not really familiar with it, but I copied it so I could show you what these rules are. The funny part about this is that a woman made a counter attack and made her own for the ladies. Okay I'll go ahead and post it I know you all are just dying to read it!! Enjoy you guys I know I laugh every time I read this :)

Hey my lovelies I wanted to share my point of view on this blog I've told you all about maybe a few days ago. The intent at "Words Don't Do It Justice".

This blog post is a few days old but I'm still going to let you all read and if you want put your point of view as well. Follow them too. The information is amazing and I enjoy reading posts written by Reign.

Here she is, meet one of the many Authors of this growing blog. Enjoy, clap your hands for De' Laydee.
*Curtains Opens*

Truth Tuesdays: The Truth About Procrastination

Hi, readers! It's De' Laydee Divine, coming at you with the debut of my new series- Truth Tuesdays. Anything and everything is discussed in this series, and nothing is off-limits. Now, be forewarned: your jimmies may be rustled by some of my future topics (hell, maybe even tonight's topic), but that's okay. My purpose is not to sugarcoat anything. The truth is the truth- and often, it's a hard pill to swallow.

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Hey my lovelies sorry for the delay, homework is as it always will be... a pain. Well I hear there is snow in Greensboro and it sounds like bits of ice are hitting the window of my room. Nothing too serious though, I was looking forward to some snow down here too. *Sad face* The clouds are pretty and I'm just chilling listening to some G-Dragon. If you don't know who he is well honey you are in luck!!

G-Dragon is a Korean pop singer and a darn good one at that, not to mention good looking. He makes solo songs as well as sing in the group BigBang with others that are just... *sigh* I've shown a picture a few days ago. If you don't remember, than I can always refresh your memory ;)

Today has been cool and relaxing, me doing nothing which I need to get on my work though....

Hey my lovelies!! Well though I only got 4 votes, I went on ahead and made the Facebook page for the blog. Hope you all will enjoy it. The Facebook page is for those that currently don't have a Google Plus but wanted to comment but couldn't. So enjoy the thought of having free reign over on Facebook... But not too much alright?

I've had a pretty good morning so far today and I hope those at or going to work goes there safely and without any trouble. I've got a lot of work to do today and I can't wait for it to be over lol. But I'm actually glad I can say I enjoy what I do and that's all that matters.

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I want to know what you guys think... I've been pondering and wondering if I should make a Facebook page that will co-ed with the blog, you know bring in more "newbies"! Plus the exposure would be crazy and I want everybody to know about this blog. So though there's been a lot of views.... None of ya'll even commented to see how I was doing or let me know what is on ya'll's minds!

So I put up a survey to get some "real" answers. So yea get to voting I want to know if you think it's a good idea or not. The survey will be up until Monday, it will close and we will see what the results are going to be... Or we might know before then.. I don't know this is my first time using this poll thingamagig. So vote, vote, and vote, tell your friends and family about meh!! Teehee.

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Hey my lovelies! I see you all are enjoying the extra omf I put into the blog. I hope you all like it! I wanted to try something different and I didn't even know we could add extra pages!! ^_^ I'm glad though, and I really hope you all will stick around to see what will happen by next week. The development of this blog will be AMAZING! I was thinking about making a page for the blog on Facebook so you all can get to know us all a little better... So I'll probably set a goal or something and see if the others would agree. Now this blog is not just about me anymore! Yay teehee!! I can't wait to see what will be in store in the days to come!

Ha, hello again my lovelies!! Well today I checked my grade out in my online class and I'm so thrilled right now!! Guess who got her grade up to a B! This girl!! Oh yea!! *Does happy dance*

It's just great to see my grade approving again and I feel amazing! Also I got another job, and I got done with some articles that I started. Now I have some more to began. I really hope I did the work right. Would really be a pile of poop if I didn't. Man it feels good to finally say I have a job and I'm enjoying every bit of it. Plus everything with school has improve and I'm just really excited for what the future will be like.

Hey my wonderful and awesome lovelies! Well I got awesome news!! I just got done with my first job and I had fun doing it as well as getting paid for it! XD So today has been a pretty good day. I hope to receive more jobs soon, it would be awesome to get a long term job. I shall wait and see what will come up though and I can't wait!!

*Distracted by my 2 year old nephew talking incorrectly because he can....* That little boy is a trip! He just came in my room talking into a fork like it was a microphone... Kids so much entertainment!

Alright back to what I was saying. So yea today has been a good one, and right now I'm just waiting on another clients reply to my articles I've sent in. *crosses fingers* Pray for good news you guys, I really need it! By the way how did you all enjoy the second part of my story? Hope that wasn't to long teehee. I just wanted to share a bit of my talent to you guys. I'm to try and do a little bit more for you all. If you have any ideas, boy do I welcome them!! Also Imma try to find some bloggers and see if.....

Hey my lovelies sorry it took so long to post!! But guess what! I got a pretty awesome and nice lady reach out to me yesterday! And then another guy reached out to me as well!! Oh... wait ya'll don't know what I'm talking about?? Teehee I finally got some jobs today. I have two more articles to write and I'll be done. I hope everything I wrote will be what they wanted and they would want to use me again and soon!

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So I've just see a video that's a few days old, so bare with me alright. Anyway just, I mean really?? So yea he has received praise and some racial hate on the internet about a beautiful picture he had posted of him brushing one of his daughters hair and holding his other daughter.

Tell me when and why do people always think that black educated, smart men aren't around anymore?? Yes I know point out the fact that my boyfriend is Caucasian so what he's still a man and mine at that ;). Back to the point. This guy has two very adorable baby girls and a wife that he takes care of. What is so wrong with that? I'm siting and was watching this video and looking like, "What in the world is going on? If he does wrong he is criticized if he does right he is criticized. " *shakes head* I just don't understand, this world will always label people and I wonder more and more on moving to somewhere, that other people don't know me. It would be a lot better than getting my flaws pointed out. Or have my way of living limited to what others think I can and should be doing.

Well hello my lovelies have I kept you waiting long enough? Today was an interesting one an interesting one indeed... how is that? Well it seems all my viewers aren't as it was on my last little rant, if you will. Anyway it's all good though, my regulars are entertained and that's all that matters. So I'll entertain you guys to the best of my ability...

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 So did you miss me? No? Well I guess not anyway, how did you like the last blog? Right now I'm sitting here trying to get my homework posted and make sure I respond to some of my class mates work to have full credit for what I missed on today and yesterday. By the way I wanted to thank all of you for reading about me even if I'm behind a computer screen. Maybe I'm a bit too trustworthy on here... Nah I'm good. I might be here tomorrow, if my mom decied to still take me to the Library again. We shall see how that will go. 

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Just imagine right now that today is yesterday and yesterday is today... Because I had a lot to say yesterday that I'll say today. Then I'll post a post for my day of today.... Are you still with me so far? Yea, alright here we go!

January 16, 2014

Hey my lovelies! I just wanted to say I'm glad a lot of you were so interested in my blog yesterday! I never had that many views before! Well except on Christmas Eve that is. Well today was pretty much a pain in the rump...again. To be honest I I've a feeling I won't be able to post anything today because of that hotspot I have. Verizon sure isn't cheap...(I so want to put ain't, but I can't teehee.) My mom help me get one because, (believe it or not) I'm broke teehee.

Evening my lovelies!! Well it looks like I might've gotten my hopes up to far. I'm praying really hard for someone, anyone to take notice of what I can do. But I'll have to have patience and apply to even more jobs so I don't get to overwhelmed by the shear agony of no one trying to reach out to me. I do feel as though I could cry, and it just makes me a bit angry as well... *Sighs* Well on a brighter more relaxed note I'm trying my best to get my grade up to an "A" like it's suppose to be. Just being back in school makes me feel a lot better about myself. I don't feel as though I'm mooching or settling for less than I can give. Some day I will be successful in the Freelance writing  industry as well as owning my own Bed & Breakfast type venue. I'll tell you all more about that another time.

 Not my work, I do not own this Naruhina artwork. But I love it non the less.

Hey everyone how's your weekend so far? What? How was mine? Ah the usual, just got done with my homework and I have a bit of free time on my hands. So, tell me what did you think of my story? I hope it wasn't to boring for you ;) teehee. Well if you're wondering I did  just recently started back writing. It calms me and I feel more relaxed and free.
I have no worries and I can smile and genuinely say I feel good today! I mean when was the last time you guys heard I'd finish my homework teehee? Well I'm getting better so shoot me later.

Credit goes to artist, I do not on this work!

Anyway I've been putting in more and more applications to do freelance writing hopping to get a hit soon. I really am looking forward to working with whomever decides to hire me. The more experince I will receive the better off I'll be at improving my writing, editing, and researching skills for school. To be honest my researching for school has improve since I've started at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I enjoy every second of classes I'm in. Keep me in your hearts when you read this and wondering why I'm trying to become a Freelance writer.

Well I'm talking now, might as well tell you. Becoming a Freelancer could be what I need for the future of me. I enjoy writing, especially short or long stories, poetry, and I'm actually starting to like research work. I'm a blogger and I enjoy every bit of it. Having these types of experiences on my resume can help me out for my future as well. Now that you know, what more can I tell you? Well... My favorite color is blue, I look like a 15 year old even though I'm turning 23 in two more months, and I love watching anime (Japanese cartoons as they call it, I call it epic adult content!!) So if you want to know more and you're new at finding my blog just ask, I'll get to the comment as so as I can. Don't be shy, I don't bite... well yea sometimes I do ;) teehee Love you guys, I really do have to go for today! See you tomorrow, and yes I will be here tomorrow!

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Hey again everyone! I've decided to began on a story that's been brewing in my head for awhile. So I really hope you all will enjoy it and of course I'm not going to put the whole story here. There will be a lot of cliff hangers until I finish it. If you like it, just let me know, I really want your feedback.

Well here is the cover story and all that the story will be about. :)
Aurthur: Jocelin Leige

 I'm no longer me...

Cover Story
This story takes place in Lumberton, North Carolina, said to be one of the poorest cities in the world… Or so they thought. The year 2032, where a select few of students from ages 9 to 22 can become hunters. A lot of these kids are orphaned or were abandoned after a sneak attack from the unknown and scary tried to take over. The parents of these selected few died protecting what was theirs. Some opened up powers that was dormant for years, and destroyed what threatened their family and friends. But because of this a lot of parents were killed in the process leaving orphaned children in their wake. Those that power awakened and frighten their family abandoned the children afraid of what might come of them if they awakened their powers early. 

Chapter 1
“I can smell it you know!” The masculine voice called out as Missy ran as far as her less than muscular legs could go. “Your fear’s so thick I can taste it as I inhale!”  He yelled, the closer he sounded the harder she ran, her breathe was now showing white in the cold. Missy could tell he was playing tricks, laughing as she tripped on a tree root that lifted from the ground. In these very woods she now realized was no escape. This was his domain, his territory and she ran right into his trap like a rabbit running from a wolf to only get caught in a hunters kiddy noose. If only there was some water around, just enough to mask her scent… Why didn’t she think of that before?! Without thinking on it any further she then ran steadily quicker getting her second wind. “My oh my I love your spunk.” The man said close to her ear. Her small hand automatically went up to swat at the nuisance but nothing was there. Hearing a stream her heart swelled even larger as she kept the normal crazy pace she’s held so far. It didn’t take long for the man to figure out her plan, his ears were sharper, eye sight stronger than her ordinary human ones.
Why was she running? Life, that’s why she’s running, her life is her own. If she had no other choice than this, if she became something that isn’t her… 
Does her existence really count for anything anymore? This question she ask now, is the one she asked herself in the past. Her parents’ wrath was so out there (God rest their souls) she wonder whether to shut herself up in her room or run away immediately. As you can tell she took the latter, and this is what she has come to. The world of today is so much like the past, the only difference is now the mortals (humans) embrace the unworldly, supernatural, the weird in the world. Vampires they’re real, Werewolves, bears, tigers, birds real, mermaids scary looking but real. Every creature of the night imaginable, isn’t the epiphany of our imaginations anymore. And yes she is being a dumb ass thinking all of this nonsense now, while running from a sociopath that’s chasing her like a piece of meat.
Soon she smelt fresh water and could hear the small stream as it flowed out of the woods. Once she finally got to it she swiftly jumped in. Ice cold water quickly tried to fill her lungs but she held on resurfacing to breathe. That’s when it hit her, life’s such a fragile and challenging thing as the opposite of death being so easy to accomplish. Facing death head on, she now realize her drive to live. No matter how hard, difficult, and bothersome life can become, we all still want to be a part of it. Watch it evolve and not be left behind.

 ^ Love this, all credit goes to the artist whom made the Naruhina drawing, I do not own this work!!

Well this is all I'm willing to share for today. And I think I'll post every Monday just to see if any of you are actually reading this. But I guess I'll find out soon enough. Well until next time, enjoy reading and please tell me what you think. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!!