Monday, January 4, 2016 at 6:10 PM Posted by Jocelin Leige 0 Comments

A nice way to start the New Year right? Well if your interested in what's been going on here for the past year or so and you want to get in on the fun a us know!! Right now we pretty much do things here by way of Freelance. Maybe some day things could change into a paid investment, who knows. For now since some things in the past didn't really go as well as I planned I do hope this year will be different and that it will bring the entertainment it's suppose to.

Right now I'm looking for Nerdy writers that enjoy talking and writing about all things anime and manga. Someone that will be interested in writing about what's actually going on in the world around us. And a even those few that are just amazing story tellers in general. Wouldn't it be pretty cool to have a couple of your work here for the world to read? I know I would love for a few of my short stories/poems to be published here. I mean we're not exactly famous, but who knows things can happen right?

You will be the writer, and you will be your own proofreader. Come on now, you're grown re-reading and making sure things are in their right place is your job not mines. Also if you already are a known blogger that would be a plus. One reason would be that you have experience in this type of work. I'll give people a chance but I can do but so much if you're not up to the standards stated. I mean this is like a business. For now if you want in you can reach us at:

Put "Writer for w2rdn" in the subject. Don't forget about your name and what you have to put to the table. I would really like samples of past work if you have any. If not make one up, don't forget to proofread!!

So.... I think that's it for now. So hit us up soon alright!!