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Hey my lovelies, well as you can see, some how I deleted my other blog post and I'm still trying to figure out how. Any way though it pass Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you all had a great time on that day with friends and family! I'll have to put up pictures tomorrow afternoon depending on what time I come from 2nd service at church. Right now its 30 minutes after 2 am.... So this post is short and simple some what lol. Oh and I couldn't post the video because of the program I was using sucked big time. I had to uninstall that piece of mess and install a different video editor system. Hopefully this one will work and work with me.

So really you guys this time be looking forward to an interview video with me and Brodrick McCants! He is a song writer, and singer. Once I edit the video I hope you all will enjoy it. Soo, it's past time I take my behind to sleep!! See you guys later <3

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