Well that didn't take very long did it guys!! Yea I'm really happy and feel amazing at how fast this blog has been growing and it's all thanks to my friends and you guys as my readers. I hope we can continue to provide the RanDUMBness entertainment you all want to see. If you have any type of suggestions that you want to see let us know down below and we can get everything done in a decent enough time as possible. So I really hope you guys enjoy the rest of the upcoming events that I'm not quite sure what they are just yet.... But I'm sure we can think of something that will have you all smiling, thinking, and entertained for a long time. Thanks for coming by our blog and enjoying the fun with us!! <3 Later my lovelies!!

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Based Yusuke-
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Born in Brooklyn, and raised a child of the world, Reign learned at an early age that words and how she used them have power. Under the tutelage of the school of life, she learned what he meant when Bulwer-Lytton said “… The pen is mightier than the sword.” With her words, she impressed her school teachers and surpassed her peers. She excelled socially, and was compelled to reach higher and higher heights… Then came the internet, cell phone text message character limitations, reality TV, and a general disregard for diction, spelling, proper grammar, and punctuation became acceptable--expected even—and Reign’s reign was reduced to little more than being the one her friends asked to spell or define words that were once common.

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