Hey everybody what's up? How you been? What's up with life? Lol I want to show you some pictures of me and Micah and Angie. Don't mind the head wrap it was a spur of the moment. He will be returning to Virginia soon and we didn't know when we would see one another again so I made videos and took a few pictures.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures... I really look rough here lol but eh... This is the first and last time I'll wear my head scarf to take memorable pictures in lol. We had a good time together a few weeks ago and then he came by last night to hang out. We was up till 6 this morning... Yea we are crazy for that teehee. But it was fun and I look forward to doing this again when he comes back home. Life is a gamble and boy did we play the game. Welp I have research to do before classes start back at the Art Institute and I want my essay to be on point when I type it up today or tomorrow afternoon after church. I love you all my lovelies!!! I might put something up tomorrow if anything catches my eye! See you guys tomorrow *blows kisses to all who reads and enjoys my pointless rambling teehee.* ;)

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Well I'm back and I really need to stay up on my stuff on here. I hope you all didn't miss me too much. Just enjoy this nice Christmas picture of everyone in Bleach being Christmassy! Lol
Anime: Bleach
Hope your Christmas was as great as mine, I didn't record the get together soooo, yea there's no vlog about it. But I did make a vlog with Angie and Micah just recently. I have to find the other video of us acting like dorks so be patient with meh. Well it will be the New Years so everybody and their mama going to be doing New Years Resolutions, which was probably set for this year... Well I really don't have much to say today/tonight.. It's 3 am over here. I love all of you that read my blogs, but I really want you guys to comment sometimes :)
 Love you my lovelies!!!

Hey everyone, I'll make this brief and good! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful and Happy New Years!! This goes out to everyone even to soldiers that might not see this post! Everyone be safe and stay warm This a time to enjoy family and friends. It's more than just giving and recieveing gifts. Today should be about seeing people you haven't seen in a long time!! Celebrate watch some Christmas movies, and anime, play videos games with everybody, and just be yourself and have fun!! I love you all!!

Anime: Vampire Knight!

That's my bitstrip character from Facebook, they are ^ a lot of fun to play around with. I hope you guys have a wonderful day today!!! <3 See you later my lovelies!!! <3 <3

Yea, it's almost that time... Tell me does it feel less like Christmas to you all as well?? Anyway, sorry again I've been gone from here a bit to long, so I hope you all will forgive me. *bows in respect* I hope this Christmas everyone knows the real and true meaning of this Holiday. Though it's a Pagan Holiday and no Jesus was not born on this day, lol but it is still a time to be with family and loved ones. No one should be alone on today, and I pray for the soliders that wont be coming home this year! <3 We respect and love you all!! My boyfriend Marcus is included in this moment of love and joy that will be passed to you all. I'll see you when you come home next year my love. We shall take long walks on the beach and I will cling to you like it is my life inside you teehee... Well yea maybe not that much, I'd hate myself if you did that to me lol :P Tomorrow I'll probably put up a short vlog video of me with my family so if it is decided like the video that will come later that night.

I'll just leave this here...

So as I was saying you guys enjoy your Christmas on tomorrow. I'll surly be enjoying mines, teehee. I've yet to start my homework for today... that is due TODAY!! Alright gotta go love you my lovelies!! <3 <3 Have a very Merry Christmas from me to you!! Muah!!!


Well guys, sorry for being gone for so long, I was starting my new class and was actually enjoying a bit of rp (role playing) in a group I'm in on Facebook. It was pretty cool since it was my first time actually doing something like that. I love writing and reading so that really opened my eyes to a whole lot. Have any of you all role played before? I would love to hear of the stories you guys came up with during the development of your characters. Those that never done it before, you should really try it. It's one way to block everything else and be someone else, or be more yourself but in maybe a different time. I just had a really great time, and I made a lot of new friends in the process.

Now the different types of role playing well, you might just need to search for an expert on that teehee. Most of the time I get lost because some one posted ahead of where I wanted my character or something of the sort. But trust me it will bring out the feels storm so be ready. Enjoy have fun make friends be merry!! I did. Get to it, there's a story of love, war, even mystery ready to be made and discovered.

Good night!

Hey you guys I made a video with my friend Brodrick singing! I really hope you guys will enjoy it! This man can sing, if you want to check him out you can check out his channel! (Right now there's nothing on there just yet but there will be.) He is a good friend and an awesome singer you guys! This is his channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAfJ6PYHnAMfjv9MFS1yDGw
And all his other info and songs should be on his discussion part of his channel.

Hey my lovelies I hope you watched and enjoyed my second interview!! I really had fun, and the vibe was calm and playful lol. My cousin is a real clown teehee, I hope he kept you guys laughing!.  Well right now I'm babysitting my lovely nephew, he is a handful but I love him and he's only two but he is awesome. And I'm suppose to be doing homework right now. Ya'll I'm so tired!!! But I'll have my work and quiz done before the due date. So until next time you guys!!

Enjoy the very Sadistic smile of this twisted you vampire as he, helps you to your very death!! Lol nah but if you seen or want to watch this anime the name of it is Diabolik Lovers... Very sexy and sadistic all in one. It's a Shoujo, Vampire, romance anime. Which means if you're a guy, then I don't think you'll like this anime very much. It's awesome to me because it caters to the female audience more so then the male audience. These guys say things that can be taken in a different way. *Sigh* just watch it ladies it's awesome. Want to know where to find it? go to www.animefreak.tv Now don't search just go to Anime List at the top, and scroll down till you find it. Oh and it's ongoing *rubs hands together* So until you catch up... My lips are soooo seal on this one lol. Enjoy my lovelies. ^_^

Hey guys, my second interview video is now posted, my cousin Miles is the guy I'm with. I hope you all will check it out soon. He's a dancer and funny, I enjoyed interviewing him and getting to know his views of his future more. I plan on doing this more often than not. Sooner or later my interviews will end up being around the world (which would be a dream come true!!) So far everything is going the way I planned and I just love it. So when you get on the video enjoy it, and laugh along with us. The camera I used was his cell phone. I just can't wait to get my own camera to do all the filming. By the way if anyone of you guys know a editing program for a windows computer  that works and I can use to post videos please inbox it to me on Youtube! I really need the help.

 Pretty old picture but I look the same, I think I took this at 18 maybe, I'm 22 now so yea enjoy lol

Devil Survivor 2!! Awesome anime so far. Oh and if you haven't realized I'm a total bookworm nerd ^_^. Hope that won't change thimgs between us. I love you guys and I shall see you all next time. I promise to keep writing in this blog and keep you all posted!! Muaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Hey guys, my church in St. Pauls had a Banquet last night, and I recorded more than one video and took plenty of pictures. I really hope you all will enjoy these pictures much as I enjoyed taking them. If you want to see more I'll have the videos up by tonight so check out my channel. I love you all!!! God bless!! <3

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Well, that should do it lol today will be a long one... Once again!! Anyway I'm just chilling writing my boyfriend and doing homework (not really) It's due today so I really do need to get on it. But when I went in to check to see if anyone else posted (I'm in online classes) There's no replies at all!! I sort of snickered that I would have been first if I have posted last night (this morning lol). But it happens from time to time.

If you watched Deadman Wonderland... No questions should suffice!! Enjoy lol
 Watashi wa Shirō ga daisuki
I love Shiro!!

Welp the weekend is like.... Oh a good couple of hours away. So enjoy!! Get drunk. high, party ALL NIGHT LOONNGGG!!! Okay I'm seriously going to rethink what I'm typing now. If you're younger than 21..... Don't read or listen to that last part lol. But do enjoy life, no one should tell you how you should and want to live. Your life is just that yours. Watch all the anime you want, I do lol, just don't let it interfere with your life goals. Strive to do and be better!!

This is Brodrick aka B-Wess and White boy, Brodrick is the one I interview not to long ago, they're are in McDonalds chilling, eating, and well doing them lol. Hope you like it guys, there are more where this comes from!! Enjoy !


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Hey guys!!!! Well today's been long, and well yea long. Anyway I just want to say that I'm still giving interviews to people that are interested! Please comment on my you tube, or on this blog if that's the case. Only those that are locally in and from Lumberton NC.

On another note, how was your day today?? Christmas is almost here and Black Friday has come and gone. So, what do you guys have planned?? This weekend my church is hosting a Banquet! I should be able to post pictures of my outfit on that night. There will be lots of fun and food. I love you guys!!!!!!!

Oh enjoy the beauty of these fine brothers from Bleach. Renji, Byakuya, Toshiro, Kenpachi, and Ikkaku!!!!!

This is my lovely grandma Mrs. Rose Smith. She's been crocheting for a very long time. I thought it was a good idea to share a video of what she does. Yes she sell them, and I really hope this video will help her business boom!!! Thanks guys watch and be impressed by this wonderful woman I call family!! <3

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Hope you guys will enjoy, we had a great time making this video. Sorry it took forever to be posted lol <3

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Hey my lovelies... Well right now I'm about to run on "E!!" I was at church almost ALL FREAKING DAY!! Went home to get some heels for this weekend. Had to help someone move from one apartment to another, plus I cooked Blonde Brownies again. On top of that I washed dishes, I'm so drained and tired I only have a few things written for my class on some work that's due tomight. Man I'm SO tired! I really want to crawl to my bed and just snooze for 14 hours or more. And yes forgive me I can't post a video like this, I feel like my hands and brain aren't corrdinating c=very well at the monet.... <---- see what I mean... So I will say goodnight sleep tight don't let your hw bite.

 This time I will have that video up sooner or Later! Love you guys... Night....

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Hey my lovelies, well as you can see, some how I deleted my other blog post and I'm still trying to figure out how. Any way though it pass Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you all had a great time on that day with friends and family! I'll have to put up pictures tomorrow afternoon depending on what time I come from 2nd service at church. Right now its 30 minutes after 2 am.... So this post is short and simple some what lol. Oh and I couldn't post the video because of the program I was using sucked big time. I had to uninstall that piece of mess and install a different video editor system. Hopefully this one will work and work with me.

So really you guys this time be looking forward to an interview video with me and Brodrick McCants! He is a song writer, and singer. Once I edit the video I hope you all will enjoy it. Soo, it's past time I take my behind to sleep!! See you guys later <3

Well I'm about to head to bed... Don't know why I stayed up so late. Anyway, I will be putting up a video in a couple of hours after I get some sleep. Also be looking forward to a interview video this weekend!! I'll tell you the guest some time this week. It'll probably be after Thanksgiving. Welp, goodnight/Ohayo. Sleep well my lovelies, I already know I'll be out like a hibernating bear. See you guys later on today!!

Hey guys I was suppose to post a video today, but the guy I was "suppose" to interview haven't showed. I hope he comes but I highly doubt he will. My day has been filled with anime and homework. Angel is helping me with a logo for the and I hope you all will like it. It'll take some time and it might be awhile before we can post another video so please bare with us again!! Thanks for reading, and I really hope you all watched the two videos I posted on here and on YouTube. Thanks for those that actually watched them ^_^

Just shared our second video!!! Hope you guys like it, there will be more to come so be patient with us! <3

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Here Is the video you guys, I just post it on YouTube! If you like it hit the like button!! More to come tomorrow!!

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Hey guys, I'll probably be putting up my first video today.... By myself probably or I might have my cute nephew with me. That's if my sister is still bringing him that is. Anyway Angel is doing homework so I guess if he don't come today I'll put one up with just me. Soooooo, yea be looking forward to that.

Good afternoon!
Nice to meet you!
My name is Jocelin :)
私輪 ジョセリンです :)
Please treat me kindly <3
よろしくおねがいします <3
I can speak a little Japanese.
私輪少し 日本語が話せます。
Thank you very much!!

 Looks like I need a bit more practice, but I really hope you guys would help me out. I've been practicing, and studying some what over some mouth's but I already know It'll take more time and dedication. With school and my Anime habits, I need to put more effort in learning Japanese! I can use all the help I can receive. So my Japanese and other lovely friends bare with me if I get something wrong. Politely correct me please, I'm pretty sensitive to negative comments... :) So if you treat me kindly I'll, I think I'll get better at learning Japanese and I might some day meet you guys when my boyfriend takes me there for a vacation... One day lol. Thanks to those who've read my blog and stayed with me! Your kindness is greatly appreciated. See you all later on tonight, I've got homework of my own to attend to! <3 <3

Hey everyone, got a new channel! I'll be interviewing and entertaining things that are and always Lumberton. My friend Angel and I wanted to interview people that are up and coming artists in music, dance, and poetry. And just as well, we'll be putting a bunch of RanDUMBness on this channel. Life without the random is like, a really boring life. So if you like the idea like and subscribe to my channel and tell me what you think.... Well once I get some videos on the channel that is. Lmbo! Well for now I gotta go and do my homework for this week, seen ya later, my lovelies!!

Alright my lovelies, here's another movie title that I've come across, and it's a bit old. Buuuutttttt, I didn't really like this movie that much.The effects were just... just... I don't have words of how "not really good" this movie was. I just didn't enjoy it like I thought I would. I'm not sure when this movie was made but I think the creatures should be a little ashamed of themselves for producing this. Anyway, the story line was okay, and I even watched it all the way through... (though I did ask myself a lot, "why am I still watching this?") I really hope the newest one that came out a few months ago will be worth my time and patience on tonight. Once I get through with some homework, I'll watch the 2013 version of Hansel and Gretel and I'll even tell you guys what I think on tomorrow. So, until then feel free to leave your comments below about both the movies and share the comparison and contrast of them.... Wow I just sounded like a teacher... Hmmm, whatever. Just tell me what you think if you just here to read... That's cool too, but at least contribute to my hard work of typing and all that other stuff I do on this blog lol. But for real, help a sister out here, I want some comments, I want to know what you guys like and what you all want me to write about!! I can make this blog cattier to you all if you tell me what you want. I can talk about my life and give movie reviews if that's what catches your interest... Thanks anyway, holla at me soon alright!!


Hey my lovelies!! As you know I wanted to make some cash to help with my schooling, and guess what!!! I made some Blonde Brownies today and I sold about... 10 brownies, and made almost $13 or $14 dollars!! I'm so siked man! I have more to sell, so I'll sell them on tomorrow.

Hi again!! Well I found out about this movie just a few minutes ago, and I wanted to know what you guys thought about it? I've never seen  it, and I think I want to watch it, it looks interesting and I think it'll be fulfilling. I watched a 2 min clip and now I can't stop thinking about it. So those that have seen it, would you give this movie a good review?? How did it affect you and what did it change inside of you?
Let me know what you really thought of this movie, the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Hi everyone!! Well I started my first class for my Bachelor's in Hotel and Restaurant Management yesterday. The class is awesome and pretty simple. In my Art 1000 class I told you all I kept up a 100% in it, and I'm still holding on, my instructor said she'll put the final scores in our grade books by this Saturday. I will have all four credits by then, and I plan to get three more in Cul 102!! 

Wish me luck guys on and here's a picture of the brownies I made last night, and I made some rice pudding this afternoon. My first time, but I think I made it a little too sweet. Lol

Good afternoon everyone!! 

Well right now I have almost a good one day until my first semester at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division is over. And guess what!! I've maintained a 100% through the six weeks in the online classroom!!! It's so amazing and this is like the first time that's ever happen before!! Now I know I can chase my dream and do what needs to be done to succeed. Now I know that everything happens for a reason, and I will continue to strive for what's best for me and my future!!

I still don't have a job, but I think I should start thinking about selling some of my baked goods from home. The homemade Blonde brownies I make are really good. If I can do that, I can save enough money to help me through school and get me to places I'd never would dream can come to past. Thanks for those that actually read my plans and never judge my wandering dreams. I think this has a new beginning and is the right way to go.