A moment with Kunrin

I remember the first time I saw a boy’s pants sagging… I tapped him on the shoulder and said “Your draws are showing” with a giggle as I walked on to the corner store with some of my friends. Little did I know that I would soon be bombarded not only with the unwanted peeks of the tops of guys’ boxers, but it would soon degenerate to seeing the entire paid-covered asses of guys everywhere with no end in sight. I’ve had the conversation so many times over the years… Sometimes with young women equally disgusted with a trend that should have long passed… sometimes with young men who couldn’t quite understand why their fellow men hadn’t grown out of it as they had. It wasn’t until I discussed it with my mother that I finally had a different perspective. Camouflage. The answer that I had long awaited. Self defense. These are phrases my mother used to explain why, although equally tired of seeing it, she couldn’t claim any level of outrage, or suggest any kind of bad parenting. 

Five Myths About Bisexual Women

 Hello internet! This is KadanzaD your friendly neighborhood bisexual, and I'm here today to debunk the top five myths about bisexual women. I usually get one of three reactions when people find out I'm bi: "So?", "Eww", and "Hawwwt". That is mostly due to the crazy ideas people have about bisexual women. Since coming out, there are some awful annoying stereotypes that I repeatedly come across. So much so that I often feel compelled to hurt someone . But let's forget my dire need for anger management for a moment, and I will shed some light on the subject. Like with any stereotype, some of these ideas apply for some bisexual beauties, but aren't true for all. So please keep that in mind as I present to you, in no particular order of importance, five myths about female bisexuals. 

Hey my lovelies LadyBug is here and I wanted you guys to check out the other blog I've made. This is like a blog you can follow with me and my Airman! As you already know I'm not new to the blogging life... I just need a bit more views lol. So come on by, like, comment and tell me what you think. I think you all will enjoy this one as well as the new one. Because I mean, hello!! It will be fun to have a sneak peak in my life right? Teehee, I hope you all will decide to check it out and soon. I think you will like the little bit of content that is already there.

So yea stop by show The Baker and Her Airman some love!! I'm counting on you guys. I hope you all had a great weekend and that today wasn't to much of a drag for you. I'm ready for the weather to finally warm up. This year will be a busy one... I already know it.

Well I think that is all for me on today. Look forward to Truth Tuesday on tomorrow, and have a very wonderful night!! <3 Love you guys!!

Alright as some of you just might know I've made another blog.... *crickets chirps*
Ugh yea I know crazy but I wanted something personal to talk about. And well, this is not exactly a blog I'd want to put my vlogging experiences with my boyfriend on. This was made for you all and with my friends in mind. I wanted to see if with my friends this would work, and so far it has. The other blog I've now got going is The Baker and Her Airman. So yea go check it out if you want to see what it is about... Which to be honest the title basically tells it all. Anyway the blog will feature me and my boyfriend, and hopefully will give you a glimpse of how we handle being apart and all that.