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Hey my lovelies! I see you all are enjoying the extra omf I put into the blog. I hope you all like it! I wanted to try something different and I didn't even know we could add extra pages!! ^_^ I'm glad though, and I really hope you all will stick around to see what will happen by next week. The development of this blog will be AMAZING! I was thinking about making a page for the blog on Facebook so you all can get to know us all a little better... So I'll probably set a goal or something and see if the others would agree. Now this blog is not just about me anymore! Yay teehee!! I can't wait to see what will be in store in the days to come!

Ha, hello again my lovelies!! Well today I checked my grade out in my online class and I'm so thrilled right now!! Guess who got her grade up to a B! This girl!! Oh yea!! *Does happy dance*

It's just great to see my grade approving again and I feel amazing! Also I got another job, and I got done with some articles that I started. Now I have some more to began. I really hope I did the work right. Would really be a pile of poop if I didn't. Man it feels good to finally say I have a job and I'm enjoying every bit of it. Plus everything with school has improve and I'm just really excited for what the future will be like.

Hey my wonderful and awesome lovelies! Well I got awesome news!! I just got done with my first job and I had fun doing it as well as getting paid for it! XD So today has been a pretty good day. I hope to receive more jobs soon, it would be awesome to get a long term job. I shall wait and see what will come up though and I can't wait!!

*Distracted by my 2 year old nephew talking incorrectly because he can....* That little boy is a trip! He just came in my room talking into a fork like it was a microphone... Kids so much entertainment!

Alright back to what I was saying. So yea today has been a good one, and right now I'm just waiting on another clients reply to my articles I've sent in. *crosses fingers* Pray for good news you guys, I really need it! By the way how did you all enjoy the second part of my story? Hope that wasn't to long teehee. I just wanted to share a bit of my talent to you guys. I'm to try and do a little bit more for you all. If you have any ideas, boy do I welcome them!! Also Imma try to find some bloggers and see if.....

Hey my lovelies sorry it took so long to post!! But guess what! I got a pretty awesome and nice lady reach out to me yesterday! And then another guy reached out to me as well!! Oh... wait ya'll don't know what I'm talking about?? Teehee I finally got some jobs today. I have two more articles to write and I'll be done. I hope everything I wrote will be what they wanted and they would want to use me again and soon!

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So I've just see a video that's a few days old, so bare with me alright. Anyway just, I mean really?? So yea he has received praise and some racial hate on the internet about a beautiful picture he had posted of him brushing one of his daughters hair and holding his other daughter.

Tell me when and why do people always think that black educated, smart men aren't around anymore?? Yes I know point out the fact that my boyfriend is Caucasian so what he's still a man and mine at that ;). Back to the point. This guy has two very adorable baby girls and a wife that he takes care of. What is so wrong with that? I'm siting and was watching this video and looking like, "What in the world is going on? If he does wrong he is criticized if he does right he is criticized. " *shakes head* I just don't understand, this world will always label people and I wonder more and more on moving to somewhere, that other people don't know me. It would be a lot better than getting my flaws pointed out. Or have my way of living limited to what others think I can and should be doing.