Hey my lovelies I hope you watched and enjoyed my second interview!! I really had fun, and the vibe was calm and playful lol. My cousin is a real clown teehee, I hope he kept you guys laughing!.  Well right now I'm babysitting my lovely nephew, he is a handful but I love him and he's only two but he is awesome. And I'm suppose to be doing homework right now. Ya'll I'm so tired!!! But I'll have my work and quiz done before the due date. So until next time you guys!!

Enjoy the very Sadistic smile of this twisted you vampire as he, helps you to your very death!! Lol nah but if you seen or want to watch this anime the name of it is Diabolik Lovers... Very sexy and sadistic all in one. It's a Shoujo, Vampire, romance anime. Which means if you're a guy, then I don't think you'll like this anime very much. It's awesome to me because it caters to the female audience more so then the male audience. These guys say things that can be taken in a different way. *Sigh* just watch it ladies it's awesome. Want to know where to find it? go to www.animefreak.tv Now don't search just go to Anime List at the top, and scroll down till you find it. Oh and it's ongoing *rubs hands together* So until you catch up... My lips are soooo seal on this one lol. Enjoy my lovelies. ^_^

Hey guys, my second interview video is now posted, my cousin Miles is the guy I'm with. I hope you all will check it out soon. He's a dancer and funny, I enjoyed interviewing him and getting to know his views of his future more. I plan on doing this more often than not. Sooner or later my interviews will end up being around the world (which would be a dream come true!!) So far everything is going the way I planned and I just love it. So when you get on the video enjoy it, and laugh along with us. The camera I used was his cell phone. I just can't wait to get my own camera to do all the filming. By the way if anyone of you guys know a editing program for a windows computer  that works and I can use to post videos please inbox it to me on Youtube! I really need the help.

 Pretty old picture but I look the same, I think I took this at 18 maybe, I'm 22 now so yea enjoy lol

Devil Survivor 2!! Awesome anime so far. Oh and if you haven't realized I'm a total bookworm nerd ^_^. Hope that won't change thimgs between us. I love you guys and I shall see you all next time. I promise to keep writing in this blog and keep you all posted!! Muaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Hey guys, my church in St. Pauls had a Banquet last night, and I recorded more than one video and took plenty of pictures. I really hope you all will enjoy these pictures much as I enjoyed taking them. If you want to see more I'll have the videos up by tonight so check out my channel. I love you all!!! God bless!! <3