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Okay... Long distance... Relationships..... In my opinion are both good and bad. I love and hate them, as it is the single greatest test of love, and a real eye opener for those looking for it. Being in one requires that you be serious, faithful, and very, very PATIENT. It weeds out the punks from the powerful and can make the most beautiful relationships to list just one of the things it can do. It's not for everyone, and is not to be taken lightly, lest you are ready risk being broken.

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Hey guys this is and will be my first time doing an anime review, so I'd really like feedback that will be some advice on how I can improve, soooo here it goes. Wish me luck...

Alright this anime has a number of 13 videos in all. First things first... I love this anime! This has a lot of mystery behind the girl and her life. It wasn't until a few episodes into the show that you find out what her true feelings were. She would always hurt others around her before they could do anything to her emotions. I thought it was a clever strategy as she has always been the outcast and was always talked about among her peers.

I thought all in all the story line was well put together, the stories weren't too wishy washy or lovey-dovey until the very end. But I'll get to that. I really enjoyed the back story of both the main characters as you can see there. Names: Ririchiyo Shirakiin and Sōshi Miketsukami. Each of the residents are humans with demon ancestors. So the place each of them live is in a Maison type apartment, with their assigned Secret Service bodyguards. 


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  Truth Tuesdays: The Truth about "Haters"

  Hi, readers! It's De' Laydee Divine, coming at you with yet another dose of Truth Tuesdays. Anything and everything is discussed in this series, and nothing is off-limits. Now, be forewarned: my purpose for writing is not to sugarcoat anything, but to deliver the truth as it is. Your jimmies may be rustled by some of my future topics (hell, maybe even tonight's topic), but that's okay. The truth is the truth- and often, it's a hard pill to swallow. Don’t like the truth? It’s cool. I’ve got some lumber, a hammer, and nails for you, so you can build a bridge and get over it. ~_^

Did you guys miss me? Tell the truth- it is Truth Tuesday, after all. (~_^) (*giggles*) I know I missed you guys terribly, but the hiatus was necessary. Nevertheless, I'm back- in full effect- and ready to hit you guys with some truth tonight. The picture above should let you guys know EXACTLY how deep I'm ready to go into this. I've got my claws out and ready...

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Hey guys today has been long and well I received a bit of criticism on my personal blog. *Sad face* But it was my best friend I guess she wanted to tell me that I need to make it a bit more exciting lol. I'm just posting because I enjoy doing it. Both my personal and this blog are a part of me that I can't live without now. So if I do get called out about something that might be boring to one person and I get over 1,000 views on that same post... well who's really to say it's boring at all?