This area is for random things. It'll get you ready for what's to come, without spoiling the anticipation. If you want to know the Upcoming topics just come here, if you want to talk about those topics and add your opinion by all means do so, we want to know what you have to say! Topics and dates will be featured here so be ready for the shear Awesomeness that you will be showered with. I hope this blog has piped your interest because there's still more to come!! ^_^

Random Events that aren't so random:

Monday's:  LadyBug will of course talk about anything and every thing. If one of the admins can't make a post I'll do something Random of course and entertain you all on that day!! <3

Tuesday's: De'Laydee will bring you Truth Tuesday's moments. Be ready!


Thursday's:  Mook will be on for this day. I'm not sure what he'll be doing, but I bet it'll be awesome ^_^

Friday's: Black Star will bring you the latest on anime and football. So look forward to the end of this month guys!

Saturday's: Mo is featuring for today. Look forward to her wisdom :)

Sunday's: And KingBlades is featuring for today! Look forward to that too!!


  • Black History Mouth- All of February!
  • Drawn on eyebrows?
  •  Underground music: American/ Eastern countries
  • Trolls that can't handle getting trolled
  • Sex- The good, bad, and the ugly
  • Relationships
  • Man Rules
  • What is love? - LGTB
  • Long distance relationships
  • Public transportation in America and other countries. Which are safer?
  • Twerking trend dead, dying, or needs to be killed?
  • Saggin, when will it go away?
  • Money management....
  • College is not for everybody, what about the military?
  • Truth behind relaxers?
  • Football
  • Cops taking advantage of their authority?
  • Learning to drive in your early twenties too late?
  • Medicine that claims to help with one problem, but brings froth another, what's up with that?
  • Another SouthEastern Addition in L-town... what about a larger mall or school?
  • Acronyms that should just die.
  • Minimum wage, getting raised from $7.25 to $11.00?
  • Cooking with LadyBug, Japanese, American, plus more!
  • New games, movies, anime (shows, movies), and manga.
  • News in general, all over.
  • American drama shows vs Non-English speaking dramas.
  • Blogging from A to Z in the whole month of April!