Alright my lovelies, here's another movie title that I've come across, and it's a bit old. Buuuutttttt, I didn't really like this movie that much.The effects were just... just... I don't have words of how "not really good" this movie was. I just didn't enjoy it like I thought I would. I'm not sure when this movie was made but I think the creatures should be a little ashamed of themselves for producing this. Anyway, the story line was okay, and I even watched it all the way through... (though I did ask myself a lot, "why am I still watching this?") I really hope the newest one that came out a few months ago will be worth my time and patience on tonight. Once I get through with some homework, I'll watch the 2013 version of Hansel and Gretel and I'll even tell you guys what I think on tomorrow. So, until then feel free to leave your comments below about both the movies and share the comparison and contrast of them.... Wow I just sounded like a teacher... Hmmm, whatever. Just tell me what you think if you just here to read... That's cool too, but at least contribute to my hard work of typing and all that other stuff I do on this blog lol. But for real, help a sister out here, I want some comments, I want to know what you guys like and what you all want me to write about!! I can make this blog cattier to you all if you tell me what you want. I can talk about my life and give movie reviews if that's what catches your interest... Thanks anyway, holla at me soon alright!!


Hey my lovelies!! As you know I wanted to make some cash to help with my schooling, and guess what!!! I made some Blonde Brownies today and I sold about... 10 brownies, and made almost $13 or $14 dollars!! I'm so siked man! I have more to sell, so I'll sell them on tomorrow.