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Well, that should do it lol today will be a long one... Once again!! Anyway I'm just chilling writing my boyfriend and doing homework (not really) It's due today so I really do need to get on it. But when I went in to check to see if anyone else posted (I'm in online classes) There's no replies at all!! I sort of snickered that I would have been first if I have posted last night (this morning lol). But it happens from time to time.

If you watched Deadman Wonderland... No questions should suffice!! Enjoy lol
 Watashi wa Shirō ga daisuki
I love Shiro!!

Welp the weekend is like.... Oh a good couple of hours away. So enjoy!! Get drunk. high, party ALL NIGHT LOONNGGG!!! Okay I'm seriously going to rethink what I'm typing now. If you're younger than 21..... Don't read or listen to that last part lol. But do enjoy life, no one should tell you how you should and want to live. Your life is just that yours. Watch all the anime you want, I do lol, just don't let it interfere with your life goals. Strive to do and be better!!

This is Brodrick aka B-Wess and White boy, Brodrick is the one I interview not to long ago, they're are in McDonalds chilling, eating, and well doing them lol. Hope you like it guys, there are more where this comes from!! Enjoy !

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Hey guys!!!! Well today's been long, and well yea long. Anyway I just want to say that I'm still giving interviews to people that are interested! Please comment on my you tube, or on this blog if that's the case. Only those that are locally in and from Lumberton NC.

On another note, how was your day today?? Christmas is almost here and Black Friday has come and gone. So, what do you guys have planned?? This weekend my church is hosting a Banquet! I should be able to post pictures of my outfit on that night. There will be lots of fun and food. I love you guys!!!!!!!

Oh enjoy the beauty of these fine brothers from Bleach. Renji, Byakuya, Toshiro, Kenpachi, and Ikkaku!!!!!

This is my lovely grandma Mrs. Rose Smith. She's been crocheting for a very long time. I thought it was a good idea to share a video of what she does. Yes she sell them, and I really hope this video will help her business boom!!! Thanks guys watch and be impressed by this wonderful woman I call family!! <3

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Hope you guys will enjoy, we had a great time making this video. Sorry it took forever to be posted lol <3

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Hey my lovelies... Well right now I'm about to run on "E!!" I was at church almost ALL FREAKING DAY!! Went home to get some heels for this weekend. Had to help someone move from one apartment to another, plus I cooked Blonde Brownies again. On top of that I washed dishes, I'm so drained and tired I only have a few things written for my class on some work that's due tomight. Man I'm SO tired! I really want to crawl to my bed and just snooze for 14 hours or more. And yes forgive me I can't post a video like this, I feel like my hands and brain aren't corrdinating c=very well at the monet.... <---- see what I mean... So I will say goodnight sleep tight don't let your hw bite.

 This time I will have that video up sooner or Later! Love you guys... Night....

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Hey my lovelies, well as you can see, some how I deleted my other blog post and I'm still trying to figure out how. Any way though it pass Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you all had a great time on that day with friends and family! I'll have to put up pictures tomorrow afternoon depending on what time I come from 2nd service at church. Right now its 30 minutes after 2 am.... So this post is short and simple some what lol. Oh and I couldn't post the video because of the program I was using sucked big time. I had to uninstall that piece of mess and install a different video editor system. Hopefully this one will work and work with me.

So really you guys this time be looking forward to an interview video with me and Brodrick McCants! He is a song writer, and singer. Once I edit the video I hope you all will enjoy it. Soo, it's past time I take my behind to sleep!! See you guys later <3