Hey my lovelies!! I've been gone for a few days because where I'm staying at now has no wifi............................................................ *sad face.*
Anyway, right now I'm in the Library blogging and chilling. I need to get on this homework and start on next weeks so I won't be to far behind once we do get the wifi installed or however we will do it. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years, because I did. Though it still sucks not being able to spend that time and moment with my boyfriend with him "gone" and everything.One of these years we will spend it together and I really can't wait for him to come home this Feb.!! Then maybe my vlogging channel wont be so boring with him in it lol.

Thought that was pretty funny ^^ Fairy Tail is an amazing anime!
But as I was saying just be ready (hopefully) to be laughing along with us! I miss him so much and I think I've talked about him so much... Or maybe not. So be ready to be overwhelmed by videos of us in the near future ^_^!! He is amazing and I really really REALLY can't wait for you all to meet him! *Sigh, blushes* welp I think it's time I got back to my homework for now. By the way it will still be awhile before I can get wifi in my new place. So be patient with me, I know, I'm trying my hardest to get everything set up right. I'll have to tell you another time, so until then bye my lovelies!!! <3 <3 <3

See you guys whenever I can!!