Hi again!! Well I found out about this movie just a few minutes ago, and I wanted to know what you guys thought about it? I've never seen  it, and I think I want to watch it, it looks interesting and I think it'll be fulfilling. I watched a 2 min clip and now I can't stop thinking about it. So those that have seen it, would you give this movie a good review?? How did it affect you and what did it change inside of you?
Let me know what you really thought of this movie, the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Hi everyone!! Well I started my first class for my Bachelor's in Hotel and Restaurant Management yesterday. The class is awesome and pretty simple. In my Art 1000 class I told you all I kept up a 100% in it, and I'm still holding on, my instructor said she'll put the final scores in our grade books by this Saturday. I will have all four credits by then, and I plan to get three more in Cul 102!! 

Wish me luck guys on and here's a picture of the brownies I made last night, and I made some rice pudding this afternoon. My first time, but I think I made it a little too sweet. Lol

Good afternoon everyone!! 

Well right now I have almost a good one day until my first semester at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division is over. And guess what!! I've maintained a 100% through the six weeks in the online classroom!!! It's so amazing and this is like the first time that's ever happen before!! Now I know I can chase my dream and do what needs to be done to succeed. Now I know that everything happens for a reason, and I will continue to strive for what's best for me and my future!!

I still don't have a job, but I think I should start thinking about selling some of my baked goods from home. The homemade Blonde brownies I make are really good. If I can do that, I can save enough money to help me through school and get me to places I'd never would dream can come to past. Thanks for those that actually read my plans and never judge my wandering dreams. I think this has a new beginning and is the right way to go.