Hey everybody what's up? How you been? What's up with life? Lol I want to show you some pictures of me and Micah and Angie. Don't mind the head wrap it was a spur of the moment. He will be returning to Virginia soon and we didn't know when we would see one another again so I made videos and took a few pictures.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures... I really look rough here lol but eh... This is the first and last time I'll wear my head scarf to take memorable pictures in lol. We had a good time together a few weeks ago and then he came by last night to hang out. We was up till 6 this morning... Yea we are crazy for that teehee. But it was fun and I look forward to doing this again when he comes back home. Life is a gamble and boy did we play the game. Welp I have research to do before classes start back at the Art Institute and I want my essay to be on point when I type it up today or tomorrow afternoon after church. I love you all my lovelies!!! I might put something up tomorrow if anything catches my eye! See you guys tomorrow *blows kisses to all who reads and enjoys my pointless rambling teehee.* ;)

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Well I'm back and I really need to stay up on my stuff on here. I hope you all didn't miss me too much. Just enjoy this nice Christmas picture of everyone in Bleach being Christmassy! Lol
Anime: Bleach
Hope your Christmas was as great as mine, I didn't record the get together soooo, yea there's no vlog about it. But I did make a vlog with Angie and Micah just recently. I have to find the other video of us acting like dorks so be patient with meh. Well it will be the New Years so everybody and their mama going to be doing New Years Resolutions, which was probably set for this year... Well I really don't have much to say today/tonight.. It's 3 am over here. I love all of you that read my blogs, but I really want you guys to comment sometimes :)
 Love you my lovelies!!!

Hey everyone, I'll make this brief and good! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful and Happy New Years!! This goes out to everyone even to soldiers that might not see this post! Everyone be safe and stay warm This a time to enjoy family and friends. It's more than just giving and recieveing gifts. Today should be about seeing people you haven't seen in a long time!! Celebrate watch some Christmas movies, and anime, play videos games with everybody, and just be yourself and have fun!! I love you all!!

Anime: Vampire Knight!

That's my bitstrip character from Facebook, they are ^ a lot of fun to play around with. I hope you guys have a wonderful day today!!! <3 See you later my lovelies!!! <3 <3

Yea, it's almost that time... Tell me does it feel less like Christmas to you all as well?? Anyway, sorry again I've been gone from here a bit to long, so I hope you all will forgive me. *bows in respect* I hope this Christmas everyone knows the real and true meaning of this Holiday. Though it's a Pagan Holiday and no Jesus was not born on this day, lol but it is still a time to be with family and loved ones. No one should be alone on today, and I pray for the soliders that wont be coming home this year! <3 We respect and love you all!! My boyfriend Marcus is included in this moment of love and joy that will be passed to you all. I'll see you when you come home next year my love. We shall take long walks on the beach and I will cling to you like it is my life inside you teehee... Well yea maybe not that much, I'd hate myself if you did that to me lol :P Tomorrow I'll probably put up a short vlog video of me with my family so if it is decided like the video that will come later that night.

I'll just leave this here...

So as I was saying you guys enjoy your Christmas on tomorrow. I'll surly be enjoying mines, teehee. I've yet to start my homework for today... that is due TODAY!! Alright gotta go love you my lovelies!! <3 <3 Have a very Merry Christmas from me to you!! Muah!!!