Hey my lovelies I wanted to share my point of view on this blog I've told you all about maybe a few days ago. The intent at "Words Don't Do It Justice".

This blog post is a few days old but I'm still going to let you all read and if you want put your point of view as well. Follow them too. The information is amazing and I enjoy reading posts written by Reign.

Here she is, meet one of the many Authors of this growing blog. Enjoy, clap your hands for De' Laydee.
*Curtains Opens*

Truth Tuesdays: The Truth About Procrastination

Hi, readers! It's De' Laydee Divine, coming at you with the debut of my new series- Truth Tuesdays. Anything and everything is discussed in this series, and nothing is off-limits. Now, be forewarned: your jimmies may be rustled by some of my future topics (hell, maybe even tonight's topic), but that's okay. My purpose is not to sugarcoat anything. The truth is the truth- and often, it's a hard pill to swallow.

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Hey my lovelies sorry for the delay, homework is as it always will be... a pain. Well I hear there is snow in Greensboro and it sounds like bits of ice are hitting the window of my room. Nothing too serious though, I was looking forward to some snow down here too. *Sad face* The clouds are pretty and I'm just chilling listening to some G-Dragon. If you don't know who he is well honey you are in luck!!

G-Dragon is a Korean pop singer and a darn good one at that, not to mention good looking. He makes solo songs as well as sing in the group BigBang with others that are just... *sigh* I've shown a picture a few days ago. If you don't remember, than I can always refresh your memory ;)

Today has been cool and relaxing, me doing nothing which I need to get on my work though....

Hey my lovelies!! Well though I only got 4 votes, I went on ahead and made the Facebook page for the blog. Hope you all will enjoy it. The Facebook page is for those that currently don't have a Google Plus but wanted to comment but couldn't. So enjoy the thought of having free reign over on Facebook... But not too much alright?

I've had a pretty good morning so far today and I hope those at or going to work goes there safely and without any trouble. I've got a lot of work to do today and I can't wait for it to be over lol. But I'm actually glad I can say I enjoy what I do and that's all that matters.

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I want to know what you guys think... I've been pondering and wondering if I should make a Facebook page that will co-ed with the blog, you know bring in more "newbies"! Plus the exposure would be crazy and I want everybody to know about this blog. So though there's been a lot of views.... None of ya'll even commented to see how I was doing or let me know what is on ya'll's minds!

So I put up a survey to get some "real" answers. So yea get to voting I want to know if you think it's a good idea or not. The survey will be up until Monday, it will close and we will see what the results are going to be... Or we might know before then.. I don't know this is my first time using this poll thingamagig. So vote, vote, and vote, tell your friends and family about meh!! Teehee.