Five Myths About Bisexual Women

 Hello internet! This is KadanzaD your friendly neighborhood bisexual, and I'm here today to debunk the top five myths about bisexual women. I usually get one of three reactions when people find out I'm bi: "So?", "Eww", and "Hawwwt". That is mostly due to the crazy ideas people have about bisexual women. Since coming out, there are some awful annoying stereotypes that I repeatedly come across. So much so that I often feel compelled to hurt someone . But let's forget my dire need for anger management for a moment, and I will shed some light on the subject. Like with any stereotype, some of these ideas apply for some bisexual beauties, but aren't true for all. So please keep that in mind as I present to you, in no particular order of importance, five myths about female bisexuals. 

Myth 1: Bisexual Women Are Easy? Nope, bisexuality doesn't mean many partners. It just means that we are attracted to both men and women. It doesnt mean we sleep with twice as many people. As silly as that sounds people really do think that. 

Myth 2: Bi Women Get Drunk And Kiss In The Club! I'm afraid that isn't true either. The girls you are thinking of are usually straight girls who want attention, or literally just get drunk and get kissy. 

Myth 3: Your Bisexual Female Friend Wants You! This applies to the straight ladies. My stars! Your best gal pal just told you she is bi and you don't roll that way. Surely she's going to want to french kiss your crotch right?! Incorrect! If your bisexual friend is really your friend she likely doesn't want to upset your friendship by approaching you romantically when she knows you are straight. And in many cases you don't register on her sexual attraction meter at all! Maybe she isn't trying to get in your pants because you're unfortunate looking. Who knows! The point is just because she likes girls doesn't mean she wants you. 

Myth 4: Bisexual Lady? She Totally Wants A Threesome!!! This is for men and women. You want to spice things up for your man? Of course your bi bestie wants to be the extra "un" to your "trois" right!? Wrong again! Your friend's bisexuality doesn't make her an immediate candidate for your sexual tricycle. You want to go steady with the bi babe from that class you hate, because you think you will get an automatic free pass for a threesome? Not necessarily mister! Being bi doesn't mean she is automatically going to want to share you with another women. Please don't make that assumption. It will save you both heartache and embarrassment later. That brings me to Myth 5. 

Myth 5: Bisexual Women Want A Man and Woman "At The Same Damn time!" False! People often confuse bisexuality with polyamory. Polyamory or "poly" is when people desire simultaneous relationships with more than one person. A bisexual girl liking both men and women, does not mean she wants to be in a relationship with both or that she needs to have both to be fulfill. Sure, that is some but definitely not all. These are all things that may seem like common sense to reasonable people, but there are a lot of people out there who simply do not get it. If you didn't know you can now go forth slightly more knowledgeable about bisexual women. 

Peace and Love KadanzaD

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