Hey guys, my second interview video is now posted, my cousin Miles is the guy I'm with. I hope you all will check it out soon. He's a dancer and funny, I enjoyed interviewing him and getting to know his views of his future more. I plan on doing this more often than not. Sooner or later my interviews will end up being around the world (which would be a dream come true!!) So far everything is going the way I planned and I just love it. So when you get on the video enjoy it, and laugh along with us. The camera I used was his cell phone. I just can't wait to get my own camera to do all the filming. By the way if anyone of you guys know a editing program for a windows computer  that works and I can use to post videos please inbox it to me on Youtube! I really need the help.

 Pretty old picture but I look the same, I think I took this at 18 maybe, I'm 22 now so yea enjoy lol

Devil Survivor 2!! Awesome anime so far. Oh and if you haven't realized I'm a total bookworm nerd ^_^. Hope that won't change thimgs between us. I love you guys and I shall see you all next time. I promise to keep writing in this blog and keep you all posted!! Muaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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