Well guys, sorry for being gone for so long, I was starting my new class and was actually enjoying a bit of rp (role playing) in a group I'm in on Facebook. It was pretty cool since it was my first time actually doing something like that. I love writing and reading so that really opened my eyes to a whole lot. Have any of you all role played before? I would love to hear of the stories you guys came up with during the development of your characters. Those that never done it before, you should really try it. It's one way to block everything else and be someone else, or be more yourself but in maybe a different time. I just had a really great time, and I made a lot of new friends in the process.

Now the different types of role playing well, you might just need to search for an expert on that teehee. Most of the time I get lost because some one posted ahead of where I wanted my character or something of the sort. But trust me it will bring out the feels storm so be ready. Enjoy have fun make friends be merry!! I did. Get to it, there's a story of love, war, even mystery ready to be made and discovered.

Good night!

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