Hey everyone!!! I got the wifi on yesterday sorry I didn't post yesterday but I was busy catching on social networking, wondering if I want to do Freelancing (and I do) and trying to get all my past due homework done for today.... Well yea trying anyway. So, I hope I wasn't gone to long... If I was so sorry I'll do better!!

That a picture of my large family on my dad side... and believe or not that's not everyone either. I think this is for my grandma's 70+ Birthday?... Idk they forgot to send an invite to us or it got lost in the mail... Anyway I'm just glad they had a good time. Family is forever and blood will always take up for blood. I love and miss those that I haven't seen in a while though. :(

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden! Great anime with the writer Kishimoto (Hope I spelled it right...) Minato- "The Yellow Flash" and Kushina- "Red-Hot Habanero" two very beauty people <3

Above is me, my aunt Kathy and my sister, I think in 2009... Could be later lol. And on the left is My cousins Rosy, Miles, BB, and Tammy. My Aunt Charlene, and Great Aunt Ethel Rose (she past away yesterday afternoon...)and Aunt Kathy. On and Twanda, and my aunt Kathy boyfriend Resse.
Well that's my family and I guess I'll go about my business on today. <3 Love you my lovelies!!

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