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Hey again everyone! I've decided to began on a story that's been brewing in my head for awhile. So I really hope you all will enjoy it and of course I'm not going to put the whole story here. There will be a lot of cliff hangers until I finish it. If you like it, just let me know, I really want your feedback.

Well here is the cover story and all that the story will be about. :)
Aurthur: Jocelin Leige

 I'm no longer me...

Cover Story
This story takes place in Lumberton, North Carolina, said to be one of the poorest cities in the world… Or so they thought. The year 2032, where a select few of students from ages 9 to 22 can become hunters. A lot of these kids are orphaned or were abandoned after a sneak attack from the unknown and scary tried to take over. The parents of these selected few died protecting what was theirs. Some opened up powers that was dormant for years, and destroyed what threatened their family and friends. But because of this a lot of parents were killed in the process leaving orphaned children in their wake. Those that power awakened and frighten their family abandoned the children afraid of what might come of them if they awakened their powers early. 

Chapter 1
“I can smell it you know!” The masculine voice called out as Missy ran as far as her less than muscular legs could go. “Your fear’s so thick I can taste it as I inhale!”  He yelled, the closer he sounded the harder she ran, her breathe was now showing white in the cold. Missy could tell he was playing tricks, laughing as she tripped on a tree root that lifted from the ground. In these very woods she now realized was no escape. This was his domain, his territory and she ran right into his trap like a rabbit running from a wolf to only get caught in a hunters kiddy noose. If only there was some water around, just enough to mask her scent… Why didn’t she think of that before?! Without thinking on it any further she then ran steadily quicker getting her second wind. “My oh my I love your spunk.” The man said close to her ear. Her small hand automatically went up to swat at the nuisance but nothing was there. Hearing a stream her heart swelled even larger as she kept the normal crazy pace she’s held so far. It didn’t take long for the man to figure out her plan, his ears were sharper, eye sight stronger than her ordinary human ones.
Why was she running? Life, that’s why she’s running, her life is her own. If she had no other choice than this, if she became something that isn’t her… 
Does her existence really count for anything anymore? This question she ask now, is the one she asked herself in the past. Her parents’ wrath was so out there (God rest their souls) she wonder whether to shut herself up in her room or run away immediately. As you can tell she took the latter, and this is what she has come to. The world of today is so much like the past, the only difference is now the mortals (humans) embrace the unworldly, supernatural, the weird in the world. Vampires they’re real, Werewolves, bears, tigers, birds real, mermaids scary looking but real. Every creature of the night imaginable, isn’t the epiphany of our imaginations anymore. And yes she is being a dumb ass thinking all of this nonsense now, while running from a sociopath that’s chasing her like a piece of meat.
Soon she smelt fresh water and could hear the small stream as it flowed out of the woods. Once she finally got to it she swiftly jumped in. Ice cold water quickly tried to fill her lungs but she held on resurfacing to breathe. That’s when it hit her, life’s such a fragile and challenging thing as the opposite of death being so easy to accomplish. Facing death head on, she now realize her drive to live. No matter how hard, difficult, and bothersome life can become, we all still want to be a part of it. Watch it evolve and not be left behind.

 ^ Love this, all credit goes to the artist whom made the Naruhina drawing, I do not own this work!!

Well this is all I'm willing to share for today. And I think I'll post every Monday just to see if any of you are actually reading this. But I guess I'll find out soon enough. Well until next time, enjoy reading and please tell me what you think. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!!

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