So well I guess I'm thinking of changing my picture... I can't really find much anime like picture for a LadyBug sooo.... I'm thinking of changing it to..... *DRUMROLL*

Levy!!! *Throws confetti* Lol yea I know she's awesome and she's a book worm like. I think she is 17, but I'm 22... The thing that I feel I'm like her is the fact that she's below height average for her age. like me and that she loooooovvvvvvveeeeeeesss books just like me. I was going to choose Wendy but I'm not that young looking in real life. I think that's all I'll talk about with this so let's get to my real point of writing today.


 Well today has been a very long one for this chick right here. I've been in this snow and ice almost all day. Another thing is that our lights won't be back on until Saturday. Yay..... Anyway I need to get some homework and other stuff in today... Well tonight. I can't procrastinate when things need to be done and money needs to be made. Sooo... Are you all ready for tomorrow? It's Valentine's Day... A love for love and all that good jazz. I'm ready though I won't celebrate it with that handsome guy you see there to your right.. *sad face* I miss him so much though. I can't wait for him to come home soon!! We have a lot of catching up and video making to do. I can't wait to start vlogging with this crazy guy!! You guys will fall in love with him just as I did. <3 I don't care what anyone has to say about our relationship, I love him and he loves me. When there's love in the mix baby nothing can stop us!! I'm really ready for him to come home really soon though. So look forward to seeing his face more often than not you guys. Also pray that I can get all of this work done tonight. I hope my boss won't be to worried for me. My computer died on me last night as the lights went out when we were messaging one another. So you can only image the worry one can go through being in my situation.

I guess this is goodnight for now. By the way I just finished watching the movie Frozen. You guys I truly recommend this movie for you all to watch it is really amazing. I loved watching it, and I shall watch it again when I have the chance. So if you have the chance and if it's not snowing where you all are, definitely go see this amazing movie.
So go see that or buy it or whatever. It is a great movie. Showing another meaning of true love. Enjoy it with everyone in your family.

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