Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
Today is to show love and be in love, and give love!! So... Get out there and show people you love them! Oh wait... you don't have a lover to be all lovey-dovey with? You want to spend this cold more wrapped in someones arms and enjoy the love you both will share with one another? Yea!? Well guess what... I'm not telling you to not do that but if you "are" single today what is sooo bad about that? Ooh now you want to say, "what do you know you have a man, blah blah blah!! Yea I do, but he isn't with me right now. He is in spirit but he is a good couple of hours in another city celebrating this day without me as well as I'm doing without him. All of you do nothing but cry, and complain.... I do nothing, I can't always do what most women can with their men because they are and will be home. Sometimes I have to worry about where he might get stationed at next and hope and pray that he comes back home to me safely.The great thing about this day and age is that I can still write and all that good stuff to him and he can write back. But I still worry and I can't seem to not worry.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, before you whine and mope about a day like this one, think about loving yourself and understand what others are going through at a time like this. I want to see everybody smile today not just those that are taken. All the single ladies and gentlemen can enjoy being alone there's nothing wrong with that. I'm alone most of the time and I truly enjoy it. If I could I'd run away to the mountains and stay secluded for months. Then come back with a huge smile on my face. Taking a few books would really make a difference in my life. So enjoy this day enjoy being alone. How many of you can really say you love you? I want to know if loving you really that hard to do? I know that if I didn't learn how to love myself, *which I'm still learning today*, than I don't think I could be able to love Marcus the way I do now. Three years later and we're still going strong, and pretty much still learning a lot about one another since he went in the Airforce a few months after we started dating. Trust me I was scared when he told me, and I'm still scared. But I trust him and I know that all will be well if I just believe and know that he will always come back home safe and unscathed.

So before you complain and whine about something this small, think about Jocelin and Marcus. This will be the third year we won't be able to see one another. Am I mad? No not at all. Will I get selfish because of it? Why should I he is doing something that is so much bigger that I would go down there and pet him on the head saying "good job". Teehee okay maybe not but I think you get what I'm trying to say. Well any way, just have a great V-day and don't look so down in the dumps.... Do they still say that anymore? If you don't know how, learn what it means to really love yourself, and believe me it takes a long time to get to the point that you would look in the mirror and just smile automatically. It won't be easy trust me I know, but it's a lot better than putting yourself in a depression and suffering for no none reason.

Try to get out more, and if you are like me stuck in the house because of this crazy weather do me and yourself a favor... Watch some anime, play a few well known video games. Life is meant to have fun if you are young and reading this, I mean young like 16 and younger than you "don't" know what love is right now, so slow do and have your little crushes, but I'd think about dating and hold it off for a while. I didn't start dating and even crushing on a guy until... Never mind just enjoy your youth for as long as you can. Once you get older you will wish you was still 16... Like I do sometimes.... *sigh* Oh well you guys have a very pleasant Valentine's Day as I continue to do my work. I love you guys sooo much!!! That's why I give it to you straight! Well bye Love you all my lovelies Muah!!
LadyBug signing off!

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