I know my title is a bit contradictory but so what I'm a big ball of contradictions and that's why y'all love me!! Well I had writers block and I was doing a lot of writing for the past few days. I had almost 20 articles the other day, or it might've been more. So you can image my struggle for sleep and a break. On top of that my oh so lovely nephew was looking for every possible way to work on my nerves when I needed peace and quite. I love him though, and I'll have to remember to play with him later
today if I have some time.

Anyway, I'm on here today to tell you about a really sweet, quirky, and funny lady I've grown to like. Yes my lovelies I've finally met someone on blog spot to relate to and talk about random  things... other than fashion. Now don't get me wrong I love fashion and I can pull off certain things, but there are sooo many blogs out there about fashion that it can turn you off. So I just want to share her blog here.

It's called Tune In MI Head at blogspot.com. But you can of course just click the underlined words. She wrote about her asking the flight attendant to sing her Happy Birthday on the plane. I thought that was a pretty cool idea though you will not find me doing that I on the other hand am a bit to shy and will be more embarrassed than happy at that moment. All those people? NO-WAY!! Lol, I guess she's really an outgoing chick and I like that about her. Would be really cool to meet her in person one day, but let's just take it one step at a time.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading her posts as much as I have. She's really awesome and I'm glad to hit it off with her so quickly. It's really cool to get to know the bloggers you look up to, and get to know others that just enjoy what you write about. 

I hope today's blog gave you someone new to follow and laugh along with. Life's a big ball of crazy and so make something good out of it. You see how I cope. Show me what y'all can bring to the table. 

I think this was all I was going to talk about today... and for now. I have just received another project and I'm late to turn in my homework... again. *sigh* I will not stop though. I've gotten this far and I finally have a job that motivates one of my best talents "writing". So I guess this is good-bye for now! <3 See y'all on the flip side! Muah!!!

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