Thanks for over 2000 views guys!! It's an honor!!

We wouldn't have made it this far with out you guys reading everything. I hope we can continue to stir your interest enough to get some comments in the near future! I really mean that lol. So I hope you can celebrate with us on this special day. Can't wait to our page becomes popular and we have a lot more supporters out there. To all the other bloggers that read my blog, I want to thank you as well. Nothing is the same if you don't have help from those that see where you are coming from and what you do. I really love you guys and I hope we will keep up the climb to greater heights!! Let's party like there is no tomorrow though it is, and I still have to much to do... Okay maybe not tomorrow but the weekend? You know do something special for the viewers and the people that liked the page. 

Hmmm... I wonder what you guys want to see us do for the weekend? Do you guys want to tell us what to bring up next time? What type of stories have y'all heard of that hasn't hit the news yet or you saw a particular article that you want to bring attention too? Shoot I'll even promote your page and blog if you want me to on my page!  Well I do have to go for now but I'm really excited for the new milestone we've accomplished in such a long time. Thanks again my lovelies!!! <3

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