Hey guys this is and will be my first time doing an anime review, so I'd really like feedback that will be some advice on how I can improve, soooo here it goes. Wish me luck...

Alright this anime has a number of 13 videos in all. First things first... I love this anime! This has a lot of mystery behind the girl and her life. It wasn't until a few episodes into the show that you find out what her true feelings were. She would always hurt others around her before they could do anything to her emotions. I thought it was a clever strategy as she has always been the outcast and was always talked about among her peers.

I thought all in all the story line was well put together, the stories weren't too wishy washy or lovey-dovey until the very end. But I'll get to that. I really enjoyed the back story of both the main characters as you can see there. Names: Ririchiyo Shirakiin and Sōshi Miketsukami. Each of the residents are humans with demon ancestors. So the place each of them live is in a Maison type apartment, with their assigned Secret Service bodyguards. 


 Learning of how things were happy and cheerful for Ririchiyo made me feel pretty good on the inside. She was like 8 when she was writing letters to her fiance. And to think that he wasn't writing the letters that she was receiving but it was her now SS guard Sōshi!! I was pretty shocked and kind of glad. When her fiance was finnally introduced the guy was really a douche and an S&M maniac! I didn't really warm up to him very well. I still don't know if he actually loved Ririchiyo at all. Maybe he did, but he sure as hell didn't show it very well. 

The other characters in this story really went well and was smooth, I really liked the one (and only) fighting scene where Ririchiyo showed her true potential as one of the strongest half-demons alive. She had a heavy heart for so long, and she didn't know how to handle the kindness that her SS guard has shown her. No one ever stood up for her and protected her honor like he did. After awhile you could tell she was falling for him, even though she didn't realize it herself. I thought that was pretty funny, falling in love and wondering if you was having a heart attack. She's a really funny girl and was very confused. I liked how she tried her best in staying by his side, and trying to see things the way he did.

Sōshi was pretty hard to figure out in this story. He was quite handsome and all the ladies did fawn over him, but he never showed interest to them. He would always be found near or around Ririchiyo and after some time and getting used to it she never got bothered by it anymore. He already knew that he was in love with her, and he knew about her but didn't tell her about the letters until the time was right. He even got into a little brawl with her fiance over his feelings for her. There were a lot of things going on inthe middle of the story that would make you laugh, cry, and angry. 

My emotions were every where with this anime, and I really think it taught me something in the long run. Don't be afraid of how you feel for someone. That emotion maybe new but it feels wonderful to embrace it and let everything run it's course. Sometimes crying and letting go of all the pain is a good thing. And if there is someone offering you tieir shoulder, that's even better. So if you've seen this anime and have enjoyed it, tell me what did you like the most? Share with me how you took the anime and what lesson has it taught you!

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