Okay... Long distance... Relationships..... In my opinion are both good and bad. I love and hate them, as it is the single greatest test of love, and a real eye opener for those looking for it. Being in one requires that you be serious, faithful, and very, very PATIENT. It weeds out the punks from the powerful and can make the most beautiful relationships to list just one of the things it can do. It's not for everyone, and is not to be taken lightly, lest you are ready risk being broken.

I've been in a couple of long distance relationship before. a couple actually..... They are brutal, and very unforgiving for affectionate people. She lived in Arizona somewhere, I can't recall.... I spent alot of time with x's and o's over the net, texting, phone calls, video chats, but nothing compared to meeting her for the first time. Holding her hand, walking down the street.... Kissing her cheek and hearing her giggle. discussing all the things we talked about behind a screen. it was bliss. She was everything she'd shown her self to be, and I was so excited. 4 months of chat and none of it came close to that 5 hours spent in person. When the date was over, I thought it went well. I had such a great time, and I was already calculating my future paychecks toward a ticket out to where ever she was. Nothing was more important to me than having another day like this one. November 5, 2008 I can't forget the date. While I was excited, i never thought of that she felt. and was crushed when i asked her.

"It's not going to work for me... I had so much fun, I didn't want to leave. I cried the whole ride home... and I don't want to do this. I can't. I'm so sorry. Good-bye."
Those were her last words to me. She never replied to the dozens of messages i sent her. my phone calls, my text. My feelings went from over joyed and determined, to bitter and hateful over a single night. I scorned people who were happy, I hated those trying to cheer me up. I cried myself to sleep some times, and woke up even more hurt.

I've seen relationships crumble because of the lack of faith as well as cheating. To watch your friend cheat on another friend is painful. Hearing from Ako-chan that they love Bko-kun so much, but feared that he was cheating earlier on in the relationship, even though at first he wasn't. and then seeing Bko-kun kissing all over Cko-chan with no restraint, as if Ako, 4 states away didn't exist. when it all fell apart, I was tossed into the mix with the 'Well, Desmond knew about it, I figured he would have busted me by now" section of the argument, where everyone is thrown under the bridge and the break up shatters not only the couple, but others in the process. Its a sad process....

But I've seen some of the most beautiful relationships, In the form of one of my longest running friends. she had been dating this guy for over 3 years now, living rather far from one another. She being in Philly, and he being in Virginia. They fought alot, as she often vented to me about it. and she knew it was her. she was messed up, she was angry al of the time, and self destructive. And yet, he'd do the sweetest things for her, visit her randomly, always taking her behavior and shoving it aside, seeing the side of her that she was to afraid to show. the vulnerable, fearful, needy side of hr that hated the fact that the only thing she wanted was outside of her grasp. Getting to know the guy, he was laid back. He understood that she was upset, but he was more concerned with being with her than cheering her up her fits only made him want to reach her softer side even more. He did what he did because he wanted to. not for her, but for him. His love was in his selfishness and he made it work. One was angry, the other selfish. And yet they are so built for one another that it makes me stomach churn.

In closing.... I'm still young so i don't know all the ropes. Some are torn by the distance, some are fooled by the persona's built behind a screen or call, but then there are some that bloom out beautifully among weeds and defy the logic. Long distance will make or break you. But if both parties love hard enough, long distance is nothing but road trip to paradiso~

 Love is strongest when its mutual. Meaning you love as much as your other. You can accomplish the optimal love output if you nget back all you give, lest you put in work only to have your partner come up short.


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