Okay... My first anime review.... Code Geass!!!! LOOOOVED IT! And that's my first review. K.Thanks.Bye. wait...More? Okay....

"Lelouch Lamperouge is an exiled Britannian prince who was sent as a bargaining tool to Japan, along with his sister Nunnally Lamperouge, by his father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia, after his mother, Marianne vi Britannia, was killed. When Marianne was murdered, Nunnally was set up as a false witness. Because of this, her sight and her ability to walk were taken from her. This makes it difficult for Lelouch because he must take care of her while on the run in Japan during the war. After the war in the ruins of a Japanese city he then vows to his Japanese friend Suzaku Kururugi that he will one day obliterate Britannia. Seven years later, Lelouch gets caught up in a terrorist attack and finds a girl called C.C. (C2), who saves Lelouch's life from the Britannian Royal Guard, by making a contract with him that grants Lelouch a power known as Geass (ギアス giasu?). This power also known as the Power of the King (王の力 Ō no Chikara?), allows him to command anyone to do whatever he wants, whether bending their will to live, fight, or die on his behalf – though only once, with direct eye contact. Lelouch decides to put his Geass to use and find the person who killed his mother, destroy the Britannian Empire, and to create a better world where his younger sister, Nunnally, can live happily. In the process, Lelouch becomes the leader of the resistance movement known as The Black Knights under his alter ego Zero, as he gains popularity and support among the Japanese on his way towards rebellion." - Source, Wikipedia

 Code Geass is by far One of my top anime. I love it, The anime opens with a brief explanation of th current situation. The Britannian empire has waged war on Japan, and using a new weapon know as the 'Knightmare Frame', a mobile suit basically. After their victory, Britannia renames Japan 'Area 11'.  Lelouch declares that he will obliterate Britannia, and make the world a peaceful place that his younger sister can live in happily. While he hides in plain sight for many years, he never forgets his ambition, his hatred for his own people, and when given the power to fight, he takes it and acts on it in an instant.

I truly admired the friendship he has with Suzaku Kururugi. Its a classic one, where they both share the same goals, but wish to obtain it by opposite means. "Suzaku - Change from within, rising through the ranks, and doing it honestly." "Lelouch - Change by any means necessary, fighting the powers that be and tearing them asunder." Makes me think of Luther king and Malcolm X, or Professor X and Magneto. Suzaku climbs this ladder while being an '11', hated by the very faction he works for, but still making his way up in an attempt to make a difference. Lelouch on the other hand, takes his change by force, openly fighting against his country under his alter ego, recruiting Japanese terrorist to his cause to resist and fight.

I also loved the power of Kings, 'Geass', and how it varies from person to person. Geass is characterized by a symbol that appears in the eyes of it's user. Lelouch's Geass allows him to absolute control, in the form of a single order. What ever order he gives to those who he makes eye contact with will be followed without fail. If he gives a lasting or conditional order like, "Jump three times when you heard the phrase "Spooky Booty" then you will jump three times whenever you hear it, I guess for the rest of your life. As the series progresses, you learn that this power is not all it's cracked up to be. At some point, one can lose control of it, and the Geass will be forever active, As well, it can also grow in power, learned much later on in the series.

Code Geass is an amazing thriller! Each episode will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next. It builds, and it has plenty of sub plot. and FAN SERVICE! But what made me love it most, Is that Lelouch never forgets his true goals. Now then... Kudo-Sama commands you.. WATCH THIS ANIME!

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