Okay... Second Review... Alright.... VANDREAD!

"Set in a universe where humans have colonized the galaxy, and in one star system, men and women are completely segregated (on completely different planets: Mejere by the women, Taraak by the men) causing the gender war to be more than just a metaphor.
Male protagonist Hibiki Tokai, a third-class laborer, takes up a bet to steal a high-tech humanoid robot, known as a Vanguard, from a male attack force battleship about to fight the "evil females." Still on board when the battleship takes off, Hibiki is caught in a battle with female pirates that causes all of the ship's crew to evacuate, except for Hibiki, Duelo McFile, and Bart Garsus. Stuck on board and held as prisoners by female pirates, things seem to have hit an all-time low for Hibiki until the retreating males retaliate by firing torpedoes at the ship to prevent it from falling into women's hands. The Paksis Pragma, the mysterious, living core of the battleship, eradicates the missile, forming a wormhole that sends the pirates and warship to a distant part of the galaxy, fusing the battleship with the female pirates' vessel. The fusion results in a quirky ship with very smooth lines, a host of technical problems, and various hidden capabilities that become apparent later on. The Vanguard Hibiki attempted to steal has also been altered along with three of the women's fighters, known as Dreads, allowing the separate ships to combine. The fusion of Hibiki's mecha with one of the fighters is called a Vandread, the eponymous mecha." - Source, Wikipedia

 Okay, Long long ago... Before I had an internets. Before I knew much of anime... There was cable t.v., and a Television station called Encore which featured a short block of anime that included such shows as Samurai Deeper Kyo, Fist of the north Star and Hellsing. Here I watched these amazing anime, unaware of where it came from and had such a time with it. Vandred appealed to me the most out of the ones I saw before, because I liked the idea behind it. Men and women live on separate worlds, and hate each other to the point where propaganda has made the main character think he was going to be eaten by them, as well as one of my most treasured themes, character growth!!

Hibiki Tokai, a low class citizan on the male planet Taraak, is a stubborn hot headed tough guy... I mean the kind of guy who has alot to say even when he shouldn't. He's young, and unaware of the world around him, often acting on things he think he knows, or heard from those he admires or thinks are better than him. But, he grows, adapting to his surroundings, learning more about the people he was taught were 'evil' and becomes stronger in his journey of self discovery.

With only three males on the ship including the main character, it stands to say that on this ship gender equality is an issue, with the men initially being held as prisoners. The interactions between opposite sex is always exciting in this show, as you learn just how much they despise, yet need one another. But as time passes, each male shows there worth, and earn there place on the ship, Bart Garsus, the pilot of the ship, and Duelo McFile, the only medic on board.
I won't go into anymore of it, I feel like I'll end up giving away all of the story and ruining it for those who haven't seen it. But this is easily one of my all time favorite anime! Plenty of action, plot, Fan service! It has alot to offer. Go forth! An watch it!

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