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I've heard a lot about this show called Tokyo Ghoul for awhile. So I went on ahead and decided to see what all the fuss was about. And well I was not disappointed in the least. I think the reviews by mouth were pretty good. I didn't hear any bad reviews about the show, so I thought why don't I be the judge for now.
When I saw the first episode I really like how the first show makes off with a whole lot of other events when some one's life ends. I didn't know the character Rize very well but the amount of influence she had on the other characters after she died really says a lot. No one knew exactly who she was and what her past was like at all. She was a ghoul that just enjoyed to eat her victims, though a ghoul could live off one human for a whole month.

If you ever actually heard of the show than you know what I'm talking about, if not you can find Tokyo Ghoul here. I give this anime 5 stars. I really enjoyed it, and the author Sui Ishida really made a new fan out of me. And that says a lot. Anyway I do hope y'all enjoyed the review even though it's a bit short. I wanted y'all to enjoy the show without me telling every gory detail of the anime itself.

Thanks for reading my loves and come back again. Sorry it's been a bit quite around here. But y'all do have me right :) I do hope y'all had a great Christmas and New Years. Mine was pretty fun and I think everyone else had an eventful one as well. See y'all later ;)

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