Hey my loves!! It's been sometime since I've written or anyone else for that matter. Anyway I thought I'd share with y'all a soon-to-be successful director of Kuro Shinobi. This great guy is no other than Lee Williams, and he is a very cool and interesting guy to get to know. I've really learned a lot about and from him over the course of a few months.
So without further ado, I would like to introduce y'all to the man behind the scenes. The one that will give a new meaning to ninja's of the past and future. Here you will know who Lee Williams is, what he is up to and what y'all can do. For those who participate can make this project come to life making 2015 an interesting year for everyone!

This is the handsome guy behind the operation. He is a really cool person to get to know and well... look at that mischievous smile when he's in character. To many he is the new guy on the block still unknown to the world, but with the help of others out there like you guys I believe he can really shine with the Kuro Shinobi movie. How can you be of help, well first would be to help with his KickStarter to get the project going.

I have the link here to the Kickstater. All that needs to be done is a donation to support everything that needs to get started.

Here's a bit of background about James Lee Williams:

At the age of 19 James Lee Williams became the author of the graphic novel "Kamerian Warriors" after which he travelled from North Carolina, Georgia and even California to speak to Middle and High schools students about determination and focus. James's reason: "I feel like its important to be a positive example that's not afraid to be different, so those younger than you or older can develop a firm belief in themselves inspiring others as they grow creating a positive cycle. Too often we're told to conform, crushing our individuality," James Williams continued motivational speaking until he was 21.

Now at the age of 25 he has embarked on another quest which is where it get a little more ambitious. His next Graphic Novel entitled "PATH OF THE BLACK NINJAS" is a story about three African children in the 1500s that are abducted from their home. For three year they travel the seas until they find themselves in Japan, where they encounter a ninja clan that takes them in and trains them in the way of ninjutsu.

Though this is interesting enough. It is what he is in the midst of doing. James Williams is now making his own independent film based on excerpts from the book. Below is a sample of what he has been able to create however there is still more. He also is developing a team to create a BLACK NINJAS animated series! We asked if this was too much he replied: "A lot? Yes, I can agree. Too much? Absolutely not. I feel life is about exploring talents and getting the most enjoyment from seeing certain things that did not exist before, come to life."
He has launched a kickstarter as of three days ago and is raising $40,000 to complete this film. His goal? "I just want to inspire other people to do what they love, Too many people follow and do things they think will make them cool, but thats not who they are, just love being you."
If you believe in what you've seen check out the BLACK NINJAS KICKSTARTER show your support by Donation and letting others know about this, interesting young man.

Thanks for reading folks!! With all of y'all help this could really be something to look forward to in 2015. Show as much support that y'all can, because I know I will!! 

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