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Hey everybody I hope you are having a great day so far today! Mine is alright I guess, I just need to find the right template for my personal blog... The one I have now is okay, but it's not touching me like I want it too... Teehee that sounded dirty >.< Anyway today was a happy one I got accepted for somethings and I'm really glad about it. My authors will be writing in the blog soon :D Now that makes my heart SOAR!! Yes everyone you will soon be meeting those mysterious people that I added. I had to let the other one go... she just had her baby and you know how they get lol. I'm so happy for her though. Doing so well for herself  *dreamy eyes* Anywho, I didn't really know what to write about but I do have a question.

Does anyone, anyone at all know how to make blog posts that have one label that is the same appear on one page without all the coding and stuff? I've been trying and I just let it go because I'm not about to mess up this new and pretty awesome template here. So if there are any computer nerds and wise beyond all measure out there that can help a sister out? This has seriously been erking (getting) my last nerve. It is very frustrating when you can't understand all the codes and stuff. I specialize in anime and baking, so be smart when asking me to fix something, I'll end up making it worst lol. So please, Please can someone help me, I have no idea what I'm doing... well was doing.

I'm about to be off for a while but leave helpful comments please and I'll come back to read them and thank you later. It will be late before I return so don't be too angry if I don't reply right away. School work can get like that sometimes, it's even worst in college lol. I'm so glad I take classes online. Keeps the distractions to a minimum... kind of ;) I'll see y'all later all right!! Have a great Monday!!

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