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Just imagine right now that today is yesterday and yesterday is today... Because I had a lot to say yesterday that I'll say today. Then I'll post a post for my day of today.... Are you still with me so far? Yea, alright here we go!

January 16, 2014

Hey my lovelies! I just wanted to say I'm glad a lot of you were so interested in my blog yesterday! I never had that many views before! Well except on Christmas Eve that is. Well today was pretty much a pain in the rump...again. To be honest I I've a feeling I won't be able to post anything today because of that hotspot I have. Verizon sure isn't cheap...(I so want to put ain't, but I can't teehee.) My mom help me get one because, (believe it or not) I'm broke teehee.

Anyway it's give gigabytes and I went over it. Plus I think every one gig you go over you have to pay $15. Isn't that just great!<--- (sarcasm) I might as well just buy cable and get screwed over by them. At least I can get my homework done and have it turned in on time! Man my life is really something, I swear. I want to laugh so hard but I really just feel like a boulder just settled right on my shoulders and won't budge... Please tell me if there is anything out there that will work and give me my money's worth? I need all the help I can get. Once again, I'm going to be late for an assignment (thank God my teacher is wonderfully patient). Plus I want to be able to write my boyfriend the way I want and when I want.
*Takes deep breath and releases*

The bad guys: Madara, not sure of the man in the middle and Izen (hope I spelled his name right).. Not my work credit goes to artist. 

Okay now that, that is off my chest let's talk about... Well I don't know, what's up with everybody in the Lumberton area? I do mean all of the Lumberton's that are in the U.S in general. Like Lumberton, NC, Lumberton, NJ, and Lumberton, TX teehee.

That's pretty funny to me how, there are so many Lumberton's but... No ones ever heard of these cities before. Right now I bet someone's reading this blog and is like, "What the h*** is a Lumberton? A type of perfume?"
I'm sorry ignore me guys. I'm just being crazy and trying to make you all laugh. By the way, is it working? Never mind teehee, forget I asked that.

Back to a brighter note, if this is what you want to call it. I still have not been contacted by anyone... yet! I' not giving up on my Freelancing because I put way to much effort for it to not even start. Plus I received a nice peep talk from my boyfriend on yesterday before I realized I went over the gigs of mine... But I guess with my wifi problems, I can at least be a bit more patient until  I can get a reliable alternative. I was acting like a kid and I apologize. I hope I can keep all the readers Ive gained on yesterday. :) I promise to keep you all entertained with my craziness teehee. Keep your eyes peeled for the next couple of days. you shall not regret it! <---(that was horrible teehee.) 

Well goodnight my lovelies because I have to be ready on the next blog for tomorrow... which is today... I really hope I didn't confused you all. Because I almost confused myself just then. So yep, *snacks lips* get ready for the next blog after this one.

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