Evening my lovelies!! Well it looks like I might've gotten my hopes up to far. I'm praying really hard for someone, anyone to take notice of what I can do. But I'll have to have patience and apply to even more jobs so I don't get to overwhelmed by the shear agony of no one trying to reach out to me. I do feel as though I could cry, and it just makes me a bit angry as well... *Sighs* Well on a brighter more relaxed note I'm trying my best to get my grade up to an "A" like it's suppose to be. Just being back in school makes me feel a lot better about myself. I don't feel as though I'm mooching or settling for less than I can give. Some day I will be successful in the Freelance writing  industry as well as owning my own Bed & Breakfast type venue. I'll tell you all more about that another time.

 Not my work, I do not own this Naruhina artwork. But I love it non the less.

All I want to do would be to make my life a bit more free and flexible, but you really can't do much if you're lacking in the department of money. I always wonder what this world would be like without money or currency... I think it would birth respect for the poor, life long friendships, people helping others through tough times... Yep sounds a lot better than what we have now. Like poverty, greed and selfish unbelievably arrogant people. I don't know, I might just be acting out of anger about my situation right now. Heartfelt struggles will be heard more and more now and days, and the rich man will probably just say "Nah they aren't struggling, it's all in their head" As he slowly puffs on his cigar, and run a thick hand down his tie that probably cost more then the clothes I have on my back and in my closet.

Would you really say that if the situation was switched? Could the rich and spoiled handle being without for at least a month or more? Hardly have any money for food, and you won't see another A&E t-shirt ever again once your paycheck looked like mine "$0.00". I really do wonder though, but I need to get off this here blog. To much on my mind at the moment and I'm still researching for my homework for tomorrow. I love you all!! This is just something to think about I guess... 

Seems like I'm rambling and ranting but I think I have a right to do that since this is my blog :-P teehee.

Don't worry if you like I'll rant a little more on other things tomorrow if I'm not to busy with other stuff. Please keep thinking about all that I've said, and if you disagree for some odd reason, fine by me tell me what you think. I promise to read what all comments you leave whether long or short. And if there aren't any there, *shrugs* that's cool too. Keep your head up and smile big and wide, I think I've probably opened up something new about this little blog of mine (or so I hope). Good luck with all of your dreams and passions and I hope they all come TRUE! No I really do, I'd hate to sit around and never go for what I know I'm capable of, I think you yourself should realize that as well.

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