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 So did you miss me? No? Well I guess not anyway, how did you like the last blog? Right now I'm sitting here trying to get my homework posted and make sure I respond to some of my class mates work to have full credit for what I missed on today and yesterday. By the way I wanted to thank all of you for reading about me even if I'm behind a computer screen. Maybe I'm a bit too trustworthy on here... Nah I'm good. I might be here tomorrow, if my mom decied to still take me to the Library again. We shall see how that will go. 

Oh do you all remember when I said going over just one gig with Verizon cost like $15, well yea my sister was like it's cool and all this other crap. I'm looking at her like yea it's cool because you aren't the one who has to pay for it!! Younger siblings... I wonder, I really do. I can't wait to have my own because my life feels like Cinderellas right about now...

 Not my work credit to the artist. I just love RTN Hinata teehee, she's awesome!!

So in one sentence this was my whole day today:
"Well my computer kept freezing, I'm still mad about the wifi, and my sister thinks it's okay."-- WHAT!!
Yes my life and Cin's mostly goes hand in hand when it comes to sibilings that don't know any better. What makes her think I want to pay an extra $15 on wifi, when I can use it for something more important. Let's see like, oh I don't know food? Clothes? I haven't bought any thing new in a very long time, and she has new clothes hidden under the sink., Like I wasn't going to find them huh? Anyway nope it's all good It is all good.

Karma how we deem thee worthy of selfish people in the land.
I don't know what else to say as I sit on the floor of my bedless room eating chicken nuggets... I guess my ranting is over. If you are a client and you still don't consider me worthy of your work. Listen to the small wee voice in the back of your mind.
It's whispering "Hire her, you will not regret it!! Hire her, Hire her!"  Teeheee.... If that didn't work at least I tried. ^_^

Love you guys, I'll be on once again tomorrow hopefully. This time no promises are being made teehee. Just refresh and keep refreshing until you see something new ;) Bye my lovelies have a wonderful night.

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