Hey everyone how's your weekend so far? What? How was mine? Ah the usual, just got done with my homework and I have a bit of free time on my hands. So, tell me what did you think of my story? I hope it wasn't to boring for you ;) teehee. Well if you're wondering I did  just recently started back writing. It calms me and I feel more relaxed and free.
I have no worries and I can smile and genuinely say I feel good today! I mean when was the last time you guys heard I'd finish my homework teehee? Well I'm getting better so shoot me later.

Credit goes to artist, I do not on this work!

Anyway I've been putting in more and more applications to do freelance writing hopping to get a hit soon. I really am looking forward to working with whomever decides to hire me. The more experince I will receive the better off I'll be at improving my writing, editing, and researching skills for school. To be honest my researching for school has improve since I've started at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I enjoy every second of classes I'm in. Keep me in your hearts when you read this and wondering why I'm trying to become a Freelance writer.

Well I'm talking now, might as well tell you. Becoming a Freelancer could be what I need for the future of me. I enjoy writing, especially short or long stories, poetry, and I'm actually starting to like research work. I'm a blogger and I enjoy every bit of it. Having these types of experiences on my resume can help me out for my future as well. Now that you know, what more can I tell you? Well... My favorite color is blue, I look like a 15 year old even though I'm turning 23 in two more months, and I love watching anime (Japanese cartoons as they call it, I call it epic adult content!!) So if you want to know more and you're new at finding my blog just ask, I'll get to the comment as so as I can. Don't be shy, I don't bite... well yea sometimes I do ;) teehee Love you guys, I really do have to go for today! See you tomorrow, and yes I will be here tomorrow!

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