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So I've just see a video that's a few days old, so bare with me alright. Anyway just, I mean really?? So yea he has received praise and some racial hate on the internet about a beautiful picture he had posted of him brushing one of his daughters hair and holding his other daughter.

Tell me when and why do people always think that black educated, smart men aren't around anymore?? Yes I know point out the fact that my boyfriend is Caucasian so what he's still a man and mine at that ;). Back to the point. This guy has two very adorable baby girls and a wife that he takes care of. What is so wrong with that? I'm siting and was watching this video and looking like, "What in the world is going on? If he does wrong he is criticized if he does right he is criticized. " *shakes head* I just don't understand, this world will always label people and I wonder more and more on moving to somewhere, that other people don't know me. It would be a lot better than getting my flaws pointed out. Or have my way of living limited to what others think I can and should be doing.

If you want to watch the video here is the link:

I'm still upset with all the hate mail this happy and wonderful man have received and had to deal and indure very ignorant selfless hateful people. If you are one of them... Well I said all that was on my chest and that's all that matters. God bless your black heart.

I gotta go my lovelies I love you all and I just glad you guys are hanging in there with me! Oh and before I forget, don't forget to check out a blogger friend of mine blog after this. It's pretty good and I really enjoy everything each person put on the blog.

Here it is:
Words Don't Do it Justice. A really great blog. If you comment on there don't forget to mention to them that I pushed you over to them ;)

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