Hey my lovelies sorry it took so long to post!! But guess what! I got a pretty awesome and nice lady reach out to me yesterday! And then another guy reached out to me as well!! Oh... wait ya'll don't know what I'm talking about?? Teehee I finally got some jobs today. I have two more articles to write and I'll be done. I hope everything I wrote will be what they wanted and they would want to use me again and soon!

Well I've been busy all Day long!! Today has finally made me feel like my patience has won me great and amazing news. I'm not going to say anything right now because I don't want to jinx myself. But once everything falls through I'll tell you guys all about it in the morning or when ever I can. Just know, it's great news!!

I'll have to go for now, it's 3 am right now and I'm trying my best not to fall over right about now. My eyes are heavy but I have way to much to do now and in the morning. So I love you all y lovelies. Sorry about this blog being a bit to short. Oh but I will put the next part to my story at the bottom... It's not Monday here anymore but it is some where. So enjoy the next exert to my story :)

I do not own this work, credit goes to artist. I love it a lot though!!

          In this small body life was still thriving, even in this cold water she jumped in with only a night gown on, she could still kick her legs and flail her small arms to stay above the water. No matter how much the water pushed her back down, she was kicking and pushing her way back up. As she let the rushing water of the stream carry her, she noticed her assailant watching, waiting. He was a chocolate brown complexion, eyes the color golden like a panthers as the full moon reflected off them. His shaven head had a very complex tattoo that she still couldn’t really make out. On top of everything else the guy was huge! He had to be at least more than a six foot four inches. His upper body burly and muscular without the protection of a shirt to keep the biting cold away. He had on ripped jeans that looked to have had it with his rough treatment of them ‘I could relate’, she thought to herself. He gave a very frightening smile as he watched her float away and he followed on foot for some time, waiting for her to find an exit. She began to pondered on why he smiled and why he didn’t step foot in the water. That’s when she soon realized, a bit too late, that the stream she was in was home to many mermaids, and other otherworldly creatures. Just when she thought nothing could get any worse, the worst possible thing she believed is being trapped by a sly and seductive mermaid or merman. Sooner than she thought there was a tug on her left foot, and a slight pull on her right. A bubbly giggle reached her ears, and she knew right then she was in trouble. Mermaids were more dangerous in water than on land, and if you meet a siren, please Lord please don’t get trapped. Her body was colder than usual being in the water so long and she could feel her fingers and toes are probably purple by now. Still she could feel the brush and shove against her, no longer were the giggles heard but she could tell right away what they was trying to do. A mane of jet black curly hair kept making its way in her eyes blinding her somewhat. Before she could understand what was happening a webbed hand grabbed one of her legs and pulled. So strong and determined to take a helpless chick life I see, she thought as she tried her best to hold her breath. She kicked and struggled just as her late pops showed and told her many times with these types of creatures. And just as he said, the wrench or whatever let go and she resurfaced once more. Raising her hand to search for something to grab on to, she grabbed what felt like a tree branch and pulled up and out of the water landing on something warm and very hard. Sitting up she began shivering as she kept her eyes closed from the cold. Rubbing her eyes to clear them, she then began to ring the water out of her now thick, curly and knotty hair, she felt her body began to rock. Slowly looking around, she saw no one.
Then that’s when she heard laughter and her body was rocking again. She stiffen when a voice under her said, “Are you comfortable Missy?” Mouth agape she couldn’t believe her own stupidity and with everything her pops had drilled in her! Shaking her head, she felt defeated now, she was literally siting on her enemy and he was laughing at her. To make matters worse, the supposed dangerous mermaid had her fill of laughter to add to this remarkable I’m-so-stupid-I-could-die moment.
Face-palming herself rather hard, “WHY does this always keep happening?” She yelled, her voice echoed off the woods in the surrounding area. Cris with his pearly white canines continued to laugh but cleared his throat when she gave him her famous ‘I’ll kill you’ look.
“Yep, only you can successfully scare the holy hell out of me when you make that face.” He said shivering slightly under her. He was still lying on his back with his hands resting behind his head.

She took a look over at the stream to see Malinda tail disappear. “Guess my trainings over for the night as well, huh?” She asked with a sigh, lifting herself off of him she began stretching. The wind shifted and her now skin tight nightgown got colder on her small legs. She hugged herself to get a twinge of warmth. “Cris do you feel li-”
“Nope” he said dusting himself off as he interrupted her. “I can only walk you back home Missy.” She smacked her teeth loud enough just to hear him grind his a few moments later.
“I told you to nev-” He started, it was now her turn to grind his gears. “I know big brother, I just had to do it since you don’t have a warm enough heart to carry your wee little sister back home to mama.” She taunted. But just as she thought, he shook his head and headed into the woods without her.
Shrugging she ran to catch up to his fast paced stroll, as she walked she began to think of all the times she’d play fight with him, and the fighting she’s doing now. It was for her future, just like any other twenty year old in her home town of the small city in Lumberton. Why they choose here for training them, no clue. Every race around the world came to this place to train, and become stronger in all types of arts. No matter you height, weight, race, or religion they all had to be trained. Though good creatures were out in the world there were the ones that could kill a human in an instant.

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