Well hello my lovelies have I kept you waiting long enough? Today was an interesting one an interesting one indeed... how is that? Well it seems all my viewers aren't as it was on my last little rant, if you will. Anyway it's all good though, my regulars are entertained and that's all that matters. So I'll entertain you guys to the best of my ability...

Let's see... Well I'm still looking for a willing client to write and edit for. If there are any takers out there contact me soon. A long project will do me well, if you're willing to take the chance with me. I'm new at Freelance writing and so I don't and can't afford to be fraud or anything like that. Hope there are honest people out there because, "Ain't no body got time for that!!" Teehee yea lame but hey I'm the weird chick that meows randomly. The nerdy girl, you'll find in the library with her nose buried in a book, that most of you won't even comprehend. Then you might see her with a good book about monsters and romance. That could very well say words that'll go over your head. I like oldies songs but they aren't really that old... Like Fantashia, Usher, Free, Aleya, and a few others.

I can go as far back as the Temptations, Bobby Brown, and Charlie Wilson teehee. I love me some Charlie Wilson now ;) boy can that man sing. I've been enjoying some Korean, Japanese, and Indian music. All music will make me nod my head to the beat if it's good and entertaining to me. I've really gotten hooked of a Korean boy group named Bigbang. You guys should try listening to them some time. They've branched out and sing on their own for a while and then they come together and make an awesome CD. Another plus would be that.... Well they're really hot teehee. Enjoy the view ladies!! I know I do ;)

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