Hey my lovelies sorry for the delay, homework is as it always will be... a pain. Well I hear there is snow in Greensboro and it sounds like bits of ice are hitting the window of my room. Nothing too serious though, I was looking forward to some snow down here too. *Sad face* The clouds are pretty and I'm just chilling listening to some G-Dragon. If you don't know who he is well honey you are in luck!!

G-Dragon is a Korean pop singer and a darn good one at that, not to mention good looking. He makes solo songs as well as sing in the group BigBang with others that are just... *sigh* I've shown a picture a few days ago. If you don't remember, than I can always refresh your memory ;)

Today has been cool and relaxing, me doing nothing which I need to get on my work though....

Nooooowwww I'm made... I just got Rick Rolled... TWICE!! In the last 30 seconds.... Do. Not. Laugh!!
You.... you sir don't say one word!! Lol This is G-Dragon by the way. Yummy!

 So bask in the sheer handsomeness of this here Korean guy that will never know what tone-down-your-sexiness is. I know I'm enjoying just look at him. If they come down here, I think I would literally die from happiness lol.

 Hope you all enjoyed this now, I hope to get Truth Tuesday going on today. So by for now guys!! I'll be back later on... Just not sure how late later will be.. Eh *shrugs* Later!! Until next time my lovelies!!

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