Hey my lovelies!! Well though I only got 4 votes, I went on ahead and made the Facebook page for the blog. Hope you all will enjoy it. The Facebook page is for those that currently don't have a Google Plus but wanted to comment but couldn't. So enjoy the thought of having free reign over on Facebook... But not too much alright?

I've had a pretty good morning so far today and I hope those at or going to work goes there safely and without any trouble. I've got a lot of work to do today and I can't wait for it to be over lol. But I'm actually glad I can say I enjoy what I do and that's all that matters.


Well a home girl of mine shared a known blog called Black Girls are Easy. 
This particular blog post was called (I'm sorry to parents and the young at heart as well as those in the church. If this blog name offends you... I'm sorry in advance.) Are you Wifey or are you Pussy? Some sisters sometimes need to think about that question in more debt. Learn how to stop being so irreverent (stupid) and take control of what our worth really is. Do we really know what our black men are thinking about us? Can you honestly say that he loves you because, you can throw down between the sheets? What is your potential?

Well I think it's about time we start a discussion/ friendly debate about this problem. To be truthful this goes for all races not just black women. Women all over need to know whether they are being played with or are they number one. I don't know about you, but if you do believe sex will keep him... Just know this, sex gets old, and if that's all you bring, then obviously you've got a problem. Open your minds girls!! Read a book, go out to the Library or a museum if there is one near you. Learn to try new things and explore. The thing is to me, if you love yourself enough to handle your busy without a man, than do you!! An attractive, smart, and independent women will hook any man. Just don't push him away if it's the real deal and you both got the potential to make one another happy.

But that's all I'm going to say about this post. There are more points he talked about and well he explained it all. So I guess I shared my view of what he was talking about. So ladies when you are alone and thinking, think about this question. If the answer isn't what you want it to be, do something about it. life is short and ain't no body got time for games.

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