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Truth Tuesdays: The Truth About Procrastination

Hi, readers! It's De' Laydee Divine, coming at you with the debut of my new series- Truth Tuesdays. Anything and everything is discussed in this series, and nothing is off-limits. Now, be forewarned: your jimmies may be rustled by some of my future topics (hell, maybe even tonight's topic), but that's okay. My purpose is not to sugarcoat anything. The truth is the truth- and often, it's a hard pill to swallow.

There is an uncanny amount of irony in the topic that I've chosen tonight, because I'm guilty of it, more times than a little bit. Hell, I was guilty of it tonight... which is why my debut is coming in so late. (Lol. Over time, you guys will find out that I'm a H.A.M. It's what makes me so lovable. ^_^) As it states in the title, tonight's topic is procrastination.
procrastination: to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness
Obligations- who has time for those? They're a complete and utter nuisance that distract us from enjoyable activities, which are clearly more important, correct? (HAHA!) I mean, finding out what's happening on your Facebook timeline is clearly more important that five-page English paper you have to write, right? That nap is ten times more important than the workout, that was a part of your New Year's resolution, right?
Procrastination is quite common. Most of us do so without realizing that they're doing so, out of a genuine lack of desire. "Oh, I don't feel like doing this paper. It can wait until later." "I'll clean this up tomorrow. I'm too tired." How many times has something like this crossed our minds? Also, some of us procrastinate, due to loading up our schedules like a Thanksgiving plate at Grandma's place. Time mismanagement is a major cause of procrastination, as well as a a lack of prioritization.
The fact of the matter is that procrastination does more harm than good. As a result of procrastination (especially with things of dire importance), we increase the difficulty of the task at hand. By waiting to clean the room that we really don't want to clean, more mess gets piled on top of it. By waiting until the last moment to write that paper (...or article... *snickers*), we run the risk of not delivering our best work. I fully intended on doing so much more with my debut article, but as a result of procrastination (and poor time management), you're getting the article that you're reading now. I'm living proof that procrastination does more harm than good. (I really hope you enjoy the article though. Lol)
So, what is a good way to avoid procrastination?
Effective time management is the best way possible. Manage your time by making "to-do lists", and stick them as if your life depends on them. You can even make it a game! Reward yourself for completing the tasks that you've set aside to do. It's all a part of being a productive individual. (And if productivity isn't your thing, well... so be it.) Schedule your day realistically, and not as if you are a superhuman, or mutant with 600 arms. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It's how we choose to spend them that makes them seem different.
This has been Truth Tuesdays, with yours truly. Until next time... (on TIME, lol)... De'Laydee Divine, signing off.

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