Ha, hello again my lovelies!! Well today I checked my grade out in my online class and I'm so thrilled right now!! Guess who got her grade up to a B! This girl!! Oh yea!! *Does happy dance*

It's just great to see my grade approving again and I feel amazing! Also I got another job, and I got done with some articles that I started. Now I have some more to began. I really hope I did the work right. Would really be a pile of poop if I didn't. Man it feels good to finally say I have a job and I'm enjoying every bit of it. Plus everything with school has improve and I'm just really excited for what the future will be like.

You guys are truly in for a treat by next week, some surprises will be reveled and I can't wait to... Well I can't see your faces but it would be cool if you all send me the looks on your face when I do announce my news. Everything is pretty much falling into place and I just love it!! I hope you all will enjoy my blog and the things to come!!

D'awww, I don't own this work credit goes to the artist!
As I was saying before thanks for hanging in there with me...
 Alright for those that know me, you already know everybody call me Lady bug, and so I'm going to start back going by that on my blog. There is one particular issue I want to address and me being Lady bug to explain it will help get all of what I need to say off my chest. Get ready because what I have to say and what I'm going to show will 100% piss you off, in all sense of the word.

Lady Bug:
So most of you all heard about the "Black woman chair" that's been popping up every once in awhile. No? Okay here is a picture and a link to the actual website that it was featured on.
 http://buro247.ru/culture/expert/intervyu-buro-24-7-dasha-zhukova.html (the language is Russian so don't bother reading, I just needed to show the source.)

So.... yea.... Don't worry the "art" is not a real woman but it is very life like. You want to know another crazy thing? They posted this picture on Monday/ Martian Luther King Day.... Yea, I'm still not sure what to make of this or even how to comprehend the utter shock I felt when I first saw this.... "ART"
*Scratches head*
I needed to put this out there since it's still sort of going viral. By the way the artist that made the black woman chair was a man. There is "supposedly" a white woman chair some where... But why isn't it on the web? What my question is was it worth it? Now that it's out there he better be glad he wasn't the one sitting on the chair or someone would have handed his behind to him!!
No, I do Not see art in this, I see everything that is degrading black women as a whole. I give this man no love what so ever... 

Now my question to you all is, was this art or pure racism in action?
What if it was flipped would you say something about this?
I want to know so send whatever love and comments you want. If you got a question for me bring it, I don't bite... yet!
Well until next time my lovelies, I thank you all for listening to my craziness and never running away. :) Have a good night you guys!

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