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Hey my lovelies! I see you all are enjoying the extra omf I put into the blog. I hope you all like it! I wanted to try something different and I didn't even know we could add extra pages!! ^_^ I'm glad though, and I really hope you all will stick around to see what will happen by next week. The development of this blog will be AMAZING! I was thinking about making a page for the blog on Facebook so you all can get to know us all a little better... So I'll probably set a goal or something and see if the others would agree. Now this blog is not just about me anymore! Yay teehee!! I can't wait to see what will be in store in the days to come!

Wow I've come a long way since 2012... But I still have some ideas and a goal to reach! So hop on the RanDUMBness train and hold on, because this will be one exciting bumpy ride! So check back everyday and you know read, laugh, and speculate on the things that will soon to come. I love you guys, you are all my lovelies and I can't wait to share my friends and their talents as well as minds with you!

Jiraiya-sama in Sage mode! Awesome fighter! Oh this is not my work all credit goes to artist!

Anyway everyone have a great and safe weekend!! I don't know if I'll post.... Nah yea it's a possibility that I will lol. I'll come on here again tomorrow and talk about something... Don't know what yet but I know something in the news will entice me in such a way lol. So yea I guess bye for now!

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