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I want to know what you guys think... I've been pondering and wondering if I should make a Facebook page that will co-ed with the blog, you know bring in more "newbies"! Plus the exposure would be crazy and I want everybody to know about this blog. So though there's been a lot of views.... None of ya'll even commented to see how I was doing or let me know what is on ya'll's minds!

So I put up a survey to get some "real" answers. So yea get to voting I want to know if you think it's a good idea or not. The survey will be up until Monday, it will close and we will see what the results are going to be... Or we might know before then.. I don't know this is my first time using this poll thingamagig. So vote, vote, and vote, tell your friends and family about meh!! Teehee.

Alright I guess I'm done for tonight... Well morning. ^_^

 I do not on this work credit goes to the artist.
Ladybugs report is in, over and out! :)

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