Good morning my lovelies. So as you can tell today's blog will of course be on twerking and all it's ugly glory. Some of my readers might say twerking is a new art of dancing, might be a way to get you a bit of money in your pocket. Sure that's all one way of looking at it. But tell me this, is it a 9-5 decent job you'd proudly put on a job application? How about this one, can you really get a man instead of falling for the same type of "thugs" you apparently are attracting unintentionally? Come on ladies really? Have a bit more self-respect, class and dignity about yourself!!

Okay I might just be venting and ranting but right now I don't really give two... craps about feelings and and stepping on a few toes. You put yourself out there to give up on your self respect just to be seen! Well take one for the team and try to get up off your lazy asses (because no "real woman" would waste her time on trivial and irreverent crap as this.) and find a J.O.B! If you put your mind to it honey you got it going for you, you just haven't found what it is just yet. All you need to do is find the things you enjoyed doing as a teen and up until now.

If you enjoyed writing and typing do what I do! Blog and write a bunch of boring stuff until you can come up and make your own rules! If drawings your talent and you like drawing clothes, shoes, or making your own creation of what an advertising board should look like sign up for an Art Institute college and go from there. You like running and doing your own thing and enjoy bossing people around, become an entrepreneur!!

What is there to complain about when you have so much more going for you than you think? Do not and I mean this DO NOT let anyone tell you that you can't do anything because you won't make it! Anyone can make it big if they are willing and determined enough to step out of their comfort zone and chase after it! This twerking mess, boo let it go, this isn't you and you and I both know it. Stop chasing these so call brothers, and let a real man chase you. If he isn't willing to work for what you are offering than maybe he just isn't the one.

I want you to take a look at this post re-read it and than go to a mirror and ask yourself "Am I really setting myself up for failure? Am I really benefiting from this because it's fun?". If your answer isn't what you want it to be it's time that you put on your big girl panties and step up to that Grown Woman status. Leave the stupidity and games to the ones that want to continue being stuck in the same place you will leave them at.

If they don't want to grow up that's cool, I've got a couple of "associates" that felt their comfort zone was more important than handling their business like the grown men/women they're suppose to be. Keep your head up, pray daily, and all will be alright. Just don't start twerking again, it's classless and makes our race as a whole look bad. If you do take my advise I would give you a big hug. But for those that don't I'll still give you a hug, it'll just be out of pity. I'll only show the same respect you show me. I hate that people lost touch with reality so much that they would actually get these words mixed up.

"You show respect to get respect" It is not ----> You receive respect than you show respect. <---- This is wrong so don't ever get it mixed up or you'll set yourself up for a verbal bashing from hell.

I hope I at least helped someone from embarrassing themselves in the near future- you know, with bike week approaching in the Summer- and that they would take notes and notice of any and everything. I'm a observer, maybe you should work on those skills and find out who's really on your side and who's trying to poke their knife slowly in your back.

Well that's enough from me, I just thought I should bring this up and rant a little. ;)
-LadyBug signing off, and I'm out my lovelies.

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