First of all I want to say Happy 19 Birthday Trayvon!! 

Okay okay I know you all are used to me posting at the most once a day, maybe twice if I'm feeling up to it. Well here is that moment. Now I know you all seen the title and you probably already read the article about this fight. There are so many people out there with their own opinion and I am so glad people are voicing their concerns and views, that means people will agree and disagree as well as agree to disagree. Then we have that select few that haven't really... How can I put it nicely... Expanded their mind enough to accept others opinion on the situation that they would rather insult and degrade others for the sheer glory to feel better. Now don't get me wrong, I have my moments but this time me and De'Laydee ran into said person.
Some of the things he said wasn't making much sense and he ran away. I want to share the article with the comments sooo bad. But I'm nice enough to keep said person identity hidden and just share the article instead. Aren't I just so nice?? Any way, just read and tell me what you all think. If a debate starts I'm all for it, BUT there will be no type of respect gone to the first person that insults another. If you aren't good with debates I'd advise you not even comment at all to save you from the embarrassment. Just watch from the sidelines, maybe you'll learn something.

As for my educated geeks and nerds please put your thoughts on this. I want to know. Me and De'Laydee think the whole thing is a waste of precious time, and will only benefit Zimmerman. Which it will since it's a "Celebrity fight", and proves nothing at all, as well as fill his pockets with check after check. I don't care I want the good, bad and the ugly. But do not be ugly alright?

Oh here's the article of a guy telling Zimmerman not to fight. Now don't get me wrong I want Zimmerman to suffer, but I highly doubt he'll suffer at all if he participated in this.... Whatever the hell it's suppose to be. Anyway read, like, and comment.

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