Hey guys LadyBug has returned. I got word block while doing my work for my job. But this blog post might be short... Never know. Anyway I hope everyone's Monday was a lovely one mine was okay so far, can't complain I'm alive and well. I can't wait to get paid soon though, I've been without funds for long enough. It's time I get it and save it for a rainy day. Or if I see some really nice heels.... Teehee, today has been a pretty long one for me. I need to learn to go to bed and fall asleep.

I was going to say I can't believe I stayed up all night but yea, I can. I don't need to though my brain hurts right now so once I finish all of the work for my job a couple days of sleep is a given lol. But I do want to share something with you all. And I know this video I'm going to post is probably old but than there might be a few that never seen this video before.


This video is almost a year old now... maybe... It is by a young man from London that goes by the name of Sulibreaks. He does spoken word and he is one very deep and powerful young man.... Wait.... I said that like I'm 30 and he's 12... The hell.. Anyway to be honest I think he is older than me I don't really know. I'm not that type of fangirl.... Well to him I'm not lol. *cough* T.O.P *cough* <-----(sorry but I really love him!!He is 3 years older than me!! *Dies*)

But as I was saying Sulibreaks made this video that I'll post right now:

If you have seen it, there's nothing wrong with enjoying it again. I'm actually listening to it now as I'm typing. This is my random moment for tonight but I think it's worth the wait, yes? I really believe sometimes we as students take things to seriously, or not serious enough, But I always wondered why school was so expensive, to make you a better person, to turn your dream into reality. The price do go up every year and I think that's why a lot of us are trying to get into the service. Its almost like a way in to get out. What I mean by that is, you get in and out of the troubles, you stay in and you leave your other problems behind. If you like what you've seen you can follow him, I just did it myself. His name is highlighted so just click on it to get to his Twitter.

I hope you all enjoy the video, leave a couple of comment's giving me whatever you got. I'll read and comment if I'm still on past 12 tonight. Thanks for reading you guys! Love you my Lovelies!! <3

-LadyBug signing off!!!

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