Teehee I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Has she told the others?" And to answer that question... No I haven't and I'm not, well not yet anyway. This challenge will get them to actually post something for once!! I put them on to help me not do all the work on my own... This will teach them that LadyBug means BUSINESS!! No worries this will be fun, and maybe they'll finally get use to the idea of putting in some work!

So yea I signed us up for a A to Z challenge as you can see on the right, you can click on the button/badge but... I think I'll lose you. Anyway if you are bloggers and you want more readers, traffic, and comments (Like me) than get in on this. I was searching for something to be able to get my admins to do something and entertain the audience a bit more, and I found this page, A to Z challenge. I think the concept is awesome and I was looking for something new to do for all of y'all.

We will see soon enough how they will take it, I'm even going let us all take turns with this one. It will be fun and I really can't wait for April to get here so we can get started. By the way sorry for not posting as often, I really need my admins to think about what they are doing to me lol. Well I guess in a way I got them back... hopefully. Wish me luck in breaking the news to them :). This will be sooooo much fun. I should tell them soon though because I can be a bit forgetful. Guess I'll do it, in a few hours... I'm not going to bed anytime soon anyway.

See you guys on the flip side, oh don't worry I'll be sure to post more often. And I'm going to get my lazy admins to do the same... All this work. I added them for a reason.... *sigh* Bye for now!!

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