Some of you probably read a few blog posts about this phenomenon by other bloggers, or an article that is floating around on the web. Well I don't really care what they have to say because this is my blog and I want to shine my own light on a few things. One crazy question though... Why does when black people are known to posses a trait such as this that it is automatically called a mutation or a disease?

Why is it hard for most scientists to grasp the fact that African Americans were the first humans on Earth and that still today can hold up to that thought? I just thought that this post was pretty interesting and the pictures quite amazing. I don't have any evidence or whatever but I do have my own opinion as do all of you guys.

There's even a article that's said a few things about our changing world. I'm just saying even we see one another as human, why can't we all see each other as just that? Striking photos that will change the way you see the average American, is one of the links I've been looking at. Those photos are of people that have different races in them. The photos that will come on this post are photos of full-blooded African, and African American people. Also none of these humans have contacts or their parents have not being visited by the milkman.... I saw a comment like that on Yahoo Questions. It was funny but I really had the urge to slap that guy.

I do want you to post but I don't want any type of hate. I want to do more research on this in the near future so look forward to it. This might just be more than a few segments until I'm satisfied with my findings and have my own photos sooner than later.

So tell me what you think? I know I probably didn't really give much of my opinion on this matter but I still have more to learn about it all. If you share a article saying that the aren't black and that they are from some didn't race by the Black Sea some 7 to 10,000 years ago, I've already read it. The article is no use to me because I don't really believe it. *Shrugs* I know shoot me later but if just a word of mouth from a scientist will just change my mind you'd have to give me more than that. Sometimes you can't always believe what everyone will tell you. I would so challenge that guy if I could, see if he really believes what he said was true.

Do you know how many things have been covered up and buried? African features has been around the longest in my opinion and we've been through so much and still continue to survive through such hardship that's come to past. You can only image all that women of color have to go through. (Like me.) Think I might have gone off topic, but if you have a chance read Words Don't Do It Justice blog on my behalf. Also follow Reign on her Twitter as well, to get more incite.

Here are more photos for y'all!

I hope I showed my small opinion as much as I could... I don't know I think I did but I already know I'll have more to say about this. Thanks for reading everyone!

P.S sorry about Truth Tuesday and not posting on yesterday. I got sick.. With a pretty bad stomach virus but I'm back now. :) I'll try my best to get back into the swing of things! Love you my lovelies!!

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